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Welcome to Shadow Age: REBORN Wiki page

Shadow Age: REBORN builds on the previous systems and mechanics of UO Shadow Age, Ultima Shards: Desolation, Ultima Shards: AOS, and AOS: Redux.

This server is currently undergoing development and more information on it will be releasing periodically. Please come back to the website for additional information or join the Discord server to stay up to date!

Shadow Age: REBORN is developed and managed by Punkte and Shadow Lurker.

Ultima Shards IPL (Installer, Patcher, Launcher)

  • Click to download and run.
  • Maintain your Ultima Shards installation and keep up-to-date with latest content.
  • ClassicUO is the only currently supported Client.
  • Issues running? Try "Run as Administrator".



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Items and Rares

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New Player Information

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Game Mechanics

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