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I wanted to go ahead and explain what the Ultima Shards: Multiverse is to those that have not been following along during the course of development.

Ultima Shards: Multiverse is a brand new project recreating OSI’s shards system using our own in house developed Multiverse technology. With this, we have the ability to load multiple shards into our shardlist very easily and from anywhere in the world, while before, we were limited to only bring able to mimic this by having multiple shards on one dedicated machine.

The Multiverse constantly communicates between the login server and the client servers and shares information, like accounts. If you create an account on one server, every other server will receive that account information and you will have an account created on each server. We also have the ability to push messages to all servers within the multiverse simultaneously, as well as allow us to have things like character transfers (if we implement them).

This technology also allows us to push beyond what normal servers are capable of doing. We will be connecting our server with our Xenforo forum in order to allow players easy access to modifying their account information, checking out their characters paperdoll, skills, and stats. Players can pull up character information of anyone on the server, view their info, check out different guilds statistics, and even issue commands in game like enabling powerhour. We’ve only scratched the surface of what we are capable of, and we can’t wait to provide our community with the coolest features, new technology that makes playing UO more interactive, and the most memorable content.

We currently have plans to launch at least 4 of Ultima Online’s expansions beginning with Age of Shadows, followed by, The Second Age, Renaissance, and Mondain’s Legacy. These servers will share the same codebase as the AOS server, however there will be differentiated with various Core.Expansion checks to keep different content and mechanics in or out.
This means that all of our very custom systems like the Enhanced Guilds and Instanced Dungeons will be available to all eras, with some era accurate modifications.

Ultima Shards: Multiverse will be a world where you can play your favorite expansions whenever you want with professional staff and dedicated developers backing it the entire way.
We strive to finally bring back all the nostalgic moments that we all shared with Ultima Online. A place where you will truly feel attached to your avatar and to the community.
Engage in an epic sandbox world where the community drives the economy, creates its own events, and defines each and every world within the Multiverse.
The Multiverse will consistently expand, grow, and develop every day.

It is our goal to make the Shards Multiverse, the best place to go to play a freeshard, regardless of your expansion preference.

Thank you all for playing and your continued support!

Ultima Shards Staff

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