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 Terms and Conditions


We would rather not have to set out any rules for our services, we know that everyone is capable of behaving maturely and responsibly.
It only takes one incident to spoil the fun for everyone, so we need to make it clear what we do and do not tolerate in our community.
Ultima Shards staff retain the right to modify or append any rules without prior notice or consent.
These rules are set in place to protect our shard and keep the Ultima Shards Multiverse fair and fun for everyone.
When using any of these services provided by Ultima Shards, you automatically agree to adhere to the rules set out on this page.


Staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with players.
Staff have the final say in any decision. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, contact Myt or Punkte to discuss the details of your issue before getting too angry about it and losing your cool.


You may have up to 3 accounts per household.
If more accounts are needed due to people in your household, please contact a staff member.
Your account and assets remain the property of Ultima Shards and are subject to restriction at the discretion of the staff, with our without prior warning or consent.


Use of any tools that modify the speed allowed of your character are prohibited. Although we constantly re-invent new ways to prevent people from speedhacking, there may be some ways to still do it. We will absolutely not tolerate anyone speedhacking and will automatically take extreme action to those that do.


The sale of assets (items and pets, etc.) for “real-life” money is allowed. Staff will NOT be involved in any sale of any assets. You are at your own risk and we will not recover any lost or stolen items that result in trading outside our services.
Selling/Buying/Trading accounts is NOT allowed.
Anyone involved in doing so will have those accounts suspended indefinitely.

Lost Assets

Assets include, but are not limited to; Characters, Skills, Stats, Items, Pets, Currency, etc.
Lost assets can only be replaced in the event that the loss was caused by an issue with our services and can be re-produced to verify the issue when testing.
Any lost assets must be traceable back to your beyond any reasonable doubt, with as much evidence as can be gathered by yourself and a staff member.
Service down-times and/or roll-backs that may cause loss of data will automatically void this replacement policy.


You are allowed to use Razor and UOSteam as UO assistants. Using EasyUO and Sallos are strictly prohibited. Sallos may be allowed after we finish creating our custom client for it.

You are NOT allowed to Automate Gathering Resources or Taming if you are not watching over the accounts. If you step away for ANY reason and a GM initiates a check on you and you fail it, no matter how long its been since you have been away OR the severity of why you went away, you will be punished accordingly. If you are automating resource gathering (ingots, wood, cloth, fishing in deep sea, gold, loot, etc) and you fail the AFK checks, whatever you have been collecting may be deleted and in most cases will. If you have resources that were obtained before (legitly) they will likely be deleted too as staff does not know how long you were AFK for.

Using an Automated Macro to kill monsters, collect loot/gold whether from a corpse or a chest, etc. AFK OR NOT, is prohibited. We want all players to play the game for their wealth, not automate it.
Using Multi-Botting programs or in game macros that do any of the following on more than one character automatically (movement syncing, attacking, looting, defending, skill-use, etc) is prohibited. If you intend to use more than one account to fight at the same time, the movements and actions have to be done individually from each other.
You ARE allowed to macro skills automatically in dungeons/towns/homes. If you are macroing anywhere, you are at risk of someone attacking you at any time.


Name calling, flaming, yelling, or any other harassment towards a staff member is prohibited with escalated punishments. Many of us volunteer our own time to providing you with a fun experience. We appreciate your respect in that regard. If you have any disagreement with staff, please contact Punkte in a calm manner so it can be sorted.

Excessive scamming is prohibited. If you see or deal with someone scamming, you are at your own risk. In true Sandbox fashion, create a post on the forums with potential scammers so people can stay away from trading with them. If it becomes a much bigger issue, staff will step in.

Do NOT block any NPCs or Monsters of any type in your home for any reason.

Players are NOT allowed to block the movement of players for any reason with items. We have the ability to see what item was last held by a player. If we receive reports that a player is using items to block movement of a person or a group of people (including in champ spawns, harrowers, events, creating temporary choke points) these items will be deleted the players tied to them will be jailed. Its much more fun to actually play the game and create choke points in areas that can be done so naturally, instead of blocking areas so people have no chance of going through.

Harassment of any player in regards to gender, sexuality, religion, ethnic background or any other reason we deem unfit, will not not be tolerated. If you are a victim of harassment, there are various ways to ignore offensive people, you can put them on your ignore list in chat or the client options menu. We provide the necessary features that allow you to ignore offensive people, make sure to use them before it’s too late. If you find yourself in a situation that you do not want to be in, remove yourself from it as soon as possible. Staff will not moderate disputes between players and/or guilds. Do not take your disputes on to the forums, unless it’s a general argument involving PvP – Keep it civil, or it will be removed without warning.

Players are NOT allowed to block the entrance or exits of areas with items or spells to purposefully leave a ghost stuck.
Scamming donation items or coins is strictly prohibited.
Using a dead character to scout places automatically (“ghosting”) is prohibited. This also includes running a character to an area and dying purposefully or accidently with the intent to scout an enemy location. If you want to scout a location, go on there with a character you intent to play on and participate in the raid.

Bugs and Bug Abusing

We kindly ask that all players that find a bug or see someone abusing one or anything against the terms to please report it. If you choose to ignore the abuse instead of report, consequences may also fall on you. If we all collectively agree to not use bugs or go against the terms or help police the shard and report those who are seeing doing them, it goes a long way into maintaining a healthy and bug free server. Any bugs reported will be quickly corrected and fixed and pushed into the next update.


All penalties will be assessed per case, however, we will generally follow a guideline of punishment severity.

Should you be caught on multiple accounts doing something against the terms, they will stack with eachother. For example, AFK gathering on 3 accounts will result in Level 3 Punishment for all 3 accounts.
AFK Gathering Resources / Taming

1st offense = Warning (Resource Removal)
2nd offense = 3 Day Jail (Resource Removal)
3rd offense = Perma Jail (Resource Removal)
4th offense = (with another char on account) – Account Ban (+ Scanning to see where any resources went and removal from any associated and shared accounts)


Instant Account Ban

Automated Loot / Gold Farming Whether AFK Or Not

1st offense – 3 Day Jail (Loot/Gold Removal)
2nd offense – Account Ban

Ghost Camming

1st offense – 1 Day Jail (Full Account Jail)
2nd offense – 3 Day Jail (Full Account Jail)
3rd offense – 7 Day Jail (Full Account Jail)
4th offense – Account Ban


1st offense – 3 Day Jail (All Associated Accounts – Full Account Jail)

2nd offense – 7 Day Jail (All Associated Accounts – Full Account Jail)

3rd offense – Account Ban


Other Offenses

All other offenses and even some listed above will be dealt case by case.


Do not disrespect our staff, we treat you as you treat us, so it’s good to keep that in mind.
Staff have the final say in any civil situation, their decision is final and you must acknowledge and understand why the decision was made.
Do not become an enemy of young players, even if you are a notorious murderer.
It really helps the community as a whole to avoid upsetting young players, give them space to grow, then find them again when they’re more of a challenge to you.

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