T2A Over A Month Online! Ultima Shards 205 Peak Online Count! Holiday Events All Month Long!

Hey folks!


What an amazing month we’ve had since launch!

We’ve managed to break an Ultima Shards record with 205 players online in the last month!


Just wanted to thank the community for an amazing first month of launch.  You guys have been an absolute blast!

Hopefully we can continue this trend and build this server up to the potential I know it can achieve.

It all starts with you the community.  Reach out and tell your friends and family that are interested in playing the game.

For those of you who like to stream, we have some pretty awesome rewards that you can earn in game, as well as taking advantage of the [Referral system in game, which you can earn in game gold, donation currency, and even real life cash!


As we’ve mentioned in Discord chat and in game, there will be numerous online giveaways, login giveaways, invasions, and other events going on all month long!

Be sure to keep playing to get some pretty cool rewards!


Thanks again for all your dedication and support, and with your help, we can grow even into the 300’s and beyond!

For those thinking of bringing your Guild over to play, be sure to check out the Guild Referrals tab on the Navigation Menu up top.

We understand that many of you have “been there and done that” with training up new characters, so we wanted to offer those who come with multiple players to transition into playing here, an easier and quicker way to start playing by offering Advanced Character Tokens as well as a free level 3 Guild.


Cheers everyone and happy holidays,


Ultima Shards Staff

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