The month of January has been exceptionally productive, with lots of players rallying together to give their much appreciated feedback.
This publish certainly wouldn’t have so much in it if it wasn’t for you, so pats on the back all around!

There are many much needed bug fixes and content updates in this publish, some things that have been an issue for a while have been addressed.
There was a point where we’d actually run out of bugs to fix, so kudos to those who went out of their way to find me more work to do *shakes fist*.

We will continue to strive to provide you with the best game-play experience possible.

+ Fixed Weapon Attributes not displaying correctly on some Artifacts.
+ Hunters Headdress is now Tokuno Dyable.
+ Fixed an issue preventing Arcane Gems to be applied to clothing.
+ Reverted the Cap on Karma for murderers.
+ Increase the artifact rate on champ spawns.
+ Spirit Of The Totem is now repairable from tailoring.
+ Order/Chaos will now display correctly in T2A Guilds.
+ Added commanding to allow the easy updating of all champ spawns existing in game.
+ Modified ship building expansion and skill requirements.
+ Client synchronisation for vehicle movement.
+ Vehicle component location updates.
+ Fix speed boost exploit when using mouse to drive a vehicle.
+ Improved Vehicle object collision detection.
+ Sailing a galleon over items on the water will attempt to add them to your ship’s hold.
+ Implement plants and gardening system.
+ Add Clippers to Tinker craft.
+ Finalised Ship Building craft and resources.
+ Crafting now accesses resources available to you in your house.
+ Improved ship worker AI.
+ Implement notoriety resolution for items.
+ Boats can no longer be purchased from vendors and must be crafted.
+ Discord Bot module rewrite.
+ Power Hour update.
+ Multiverse SDK update.
+ Add ability to fully customise notifications.
+ Complete rewrite of Custom Regions in a Box.
+ Fixed Gold Loot increase attribute and associated guild perks.
+ Increase Bard Difficulty Reduction guild perk from 5% to 10%.
+ Added +1 House Slot Deeds to [Donate exchange.
+ Fixed issues with Use Best Weapon Skill.
+ Added [Where command that will pop up detailed location information for the user.
+ Switching item rarity evaluation to weight-based dynamic gear score algorithm.
+ Fix for Arcane Gems not applying to some supported items.
+ Added additional resistance invalidation checks when equipping items.
+ Allow consumption of house-bound resources when crafting.
+ Fixed ambiguity between different types of escortable town-folk.
+ Fixed issue with success and exceptional chance displayed in crafting interface.
+ Fixed issue with Young Spell Stones being consumed by non-Young characters.
+ Improved Hue Selector UI for House Paint interface.
+ Added Spell Effects engine to allow players to customise their spells.
+ Implement new Spell Effects engine for First and Second circle spells.
+ Increase gold found in Treasure Map Chests.
+ Increased drop chance for 115 and 120 Lock-picking Power Scrolls in Level 5 Dungeon Treasure Chests.
+ Scaled maximum level for Treasure Maps, Treasure Map Chests and Paragon Chests from 7 to 10.
+ The Harrower and Primeval Lich can now drop level 8 Treasure Maps.
+ All Aspects (Malus, Chronos, Dragons of Trial of Elements and bosses of Sewers of Britain) can now drop level 10 Treasure Maps.
+ Added a TO-DO list to the Crafting Interface – Bookmark up to 10 items to craft whenever you want!
+ Added a “STUCK” option to Boat/Ship context menus that can be used by dead players to initiate a stranded check.
+ Fixed a crash issue caused by unranked battles attempting to remove non-existing player Loadouts.
+ Allow Ore Smelting to produce multiple piles of Ingots.
+ Fixed naming issues with all Donation Masks.
+ Fixed an issue where notoriety would resolve as ally when in a guild and viewing your own tool-tips.
+ Automatically add a Strongbox to a house if a co-owner tries to secure an item (co-owners have their own secure Strongbox).
+ Shipwright Tools can now be used to repair a damaged boat or ship by targeting the ship’s wheel, tiller, or any other invulnerable attachment.
+ Vehicles will now reset all keys when changing ownership, new keys will be placed in the bank and pack of the new owner.
+ Vehicles with no owner and no crew will be considered semi-public and become accessible to anyone, while secured items and containers will remain inaccessible.
+ Added buttons to the Faction Commander interface to allow the commander to deposit and withdraw Silver coins.
+ The item crafting interface will now use static button ID’s.
+ AI will no longer attack the pets of players that logged out.
+ Added Spell Hue Scrolls as loot on mage AI based creatures.
+ Convert the Spell Effects module to a service.
+ Normalize vehicle ownership changes.
+ Add Power Scroll Book to Inscription craft interface under Others category.
+ Added settings for Guild and Dungeon Capture Notifications.
+ Make the [Dump command available to players.
+ Tweaks for Pirate Captain and Crew AI.
+ Explosion potions can now be used to damage vehicles and their attachments.

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