Hello amazing Multiverse community!


As many of you have heard over the last few months…

We are currently working on a brand new shard idea called “Desolation” – targeting the AOS ruleset.


For those of us that have been AOS fans for the past decade in the freeshard community… AOS is commonly a server era with a ton of fun, great pvp battles, many memories, but a shortlived shelf life.  I don’t think this comes at the fault of the server itself, but more-so with the way that the AOS expansion was built.  Because of this, and because there’s such an amazing AOS community still left out there…


We have decided to begin working on an entirely custom built world, based around the AOS combat mechanics we all love, with a seasonal resetting structure and with changing seasonal themes to maintain a fresh and new experience, every time!


Each season will be leaderboard rich, granting players cosmetic that they can carry over from season to season. House Decorations, Item skins, Hair Hues, Body Hues, Custom Blessed Clothing (no attributes), Custom Pet Hues, and much more!


Those that finish among the top of the leaderboards by the end of the season will be rewarded with awesome rewards that will likely include cash prizes, custom cosmetic rewards, extra Desolation currency, and eternal glory in the Desolation seasonal leaderboard archives!


This is going to be a ruthless world, with full looting (very limited insurance).  Item attributes like LUCK will have been removed and loot restructured to be based on mob difficulty more than ever.  Players will now be able to hunt in their normal suits, allowing the ability to promote more fighting, and more risk vs reward looting.


For those of you who would like to witness the development progress of the shard, please visit us in our Discord Chat in #desolation, and feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions.


For now, there is no ETA on this new shard type.  But we will post regular updates on it.  However we will say… This is not years away.  Alpha/Beta will likely be months away.  We will provide screenshots, updates on gameplay mechanics, and major developmental milestones as we complete them.


One thing is certain…  This will be the most unique, raw, and hardcore AOS server you will have ever played, and with the seasonal resetting structure… We’re sure that the gameplay will remain fresh and new every time allowing for more replay-ability than ever before!


Cheers everyone!




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