Hey everyone!

I just want to thank everyone for keeping patient with us while we slowly built up T2A over the last year. While we were building AOS, we always kept T2A in mind and made sure what we built is backwards compatible with T2A.

Well, we’re finally going to go live! Its been an amazingly fun experience building up T2A, one of my personal favorite eras, and I can’t wait to see you all play on it. We’ve been adamant on making sure the PvP stays mechanically T2A. We want people to feel the nostalgia from when they were playing back 20 years ago but at the same time, with a boost to content.

For those that have been a part of AOS over the last few years, you’ll be familiar with some of the custom content we have included, although there are a lot of new changes and implementations.

For those that haven’t, I recommend you check the website under the T2A Core and Custom features before you begin playing. It would also be beneficial for you to double click your Young Companion when you log in for the first time and read what messages he has to tell you.

We just wanted to build something that will last. Something that can attract players from all over. A server where people won’t have to wonder if its going to relaunch in a few months. We’ve built the server to last, to keep engaging players over the long haul, and to give players something to do always. We are not going to be the latest trend of T2A servers that gets launched, loses players, and relaunches, losing all of your hard work and time in the process. This is it. This is the server you’ve all been waiting for, and the staff that stays committed to providing you with the most well crafted, unique, and engaging content around.

Thank you all again for playing and we hope for a successful and healthy launch!


Ultima Shards Team

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