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    Hello amazing community!

    In this thread we will be sharing our current design plans for AOS Desolation.

    Expansion Target + Combat Mechanic Design
    AOS Expansion Ruleset (Necro and Chivalry)
    All Players begin with 700 Skillcap, up to 720 unlockable by way similar to stat scrolls, giving another set of scrolls to collect over time.
    All Players begin with 225 Stat Cap, up to 250 unlockable by way of stat scrolls, +5 (255) can be unlocked by alternative means.
    Inscription grants increased PvP Damage.
    Defensive Wrestling is live.
    We are going back to the ORIGINAL .5s AOS weapon speed ticks.
    We are going to remove the Stat Caps that were made during ML. A soft stat cap will be made by gear alone.
    Spiritspeak will continue to be able to be used while holding a spell.
    Players will not need to have Tactics in order to use weapon abilities (early AOS format).
    Insurance as currently planned will be limited to no more than 3 items insured at one time.
    Loot and Gold will be totally reworked as there will no longer be Luck. Gold will also be harder to come by in general.
    Spellbooks will not be craftable with mods on them.
    Spellbooks that are artifacts will not be blessed and will need to be insured.
    The default HCI and DCI caps will be active (45)
    There will not be clothing with stats on them beyond things like 3 resist, etc.

    Desolation Specific Content
    There will be Seasonal Resets that will have unique and different themes to them every time, changing up the way each season progresses.
    Desolation Profile that will persist across all seasons and it will contain and collect all unlocked rewards items, hues for those items, hair and body hues, spell hues, and more.
    There will be a seasonal Experience and Level on each player's account. Engaging in activities, playing online, and killing monsters, players will earn you more XP and Levels. Leveling up and doing other things will reward a currency that can be used to purchase cosmetic items that will remain in your Desolation Profile across all Seasons.
    Trees and Mining Nodes will be Dynamically spawned, meaning, we are gutting out the old Harvesting system completely... When a tree gets harvested, it will turn to a stump. Mining nodes will have to look around mountain areas to find veins that can be harvested (they will stand out in their proper color) and once harvested, they will disappear.
    There is a completely new world being created just for Desolation itself. New cities and dungeons, new landmasses, etc. Because of this, many things will change from a normal AOS type expansion.
    The major focus of Desolation is PvP, promoting PvP activity, and Seasonal Glory. That does not mean there won't be challenging and fun PvM content though, there will be. But to put it mildly, for those who are not at least someone interested in PvP, tread carefully.

    Changed Content From Multiverse's ML and UOR
    Many things that were original to ML and UOR will remain, but will change... For example, Armory Rewards for Guilds like Runics will no longer be there.
    BODs will no longer be obtained currently in Desolation, as the primary way to obtain them will be from purchasing them from the Crafters Union and/or fighting certain Enemy Craftsman Champ Spawns. Various Achievements And Guild Missions will be removed and/or changed.
    Drop rates and loot intensity of monsters will be completely re-worked.
    Meta Talismans and Pet Levels will have been disabled.

    Current Leaderboards Being Developed
    Player Kills
    Player Total Gold
    Most Murders
    Most Murderer Kills
    Most Monsters Killed
    Most Champ Spawns Killed
    Most 1v1 Fights Won
    Player Deaths
    Guild Level
    Guild Kills
    Guild K/D Ratio
    + More to be developed as we go on.
    *All of these Leaderboards will result in special prizes at the end of the season that will automatically be given to the Account Holder's Desolation Profile.