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  1. Schism
    I hate you all. <3
  2. MrMoop
  3. Kris Lapp
    Kris Lapp Mia
    Hello Mlady I think Ive got Discord running finally If you recieve this pls reply so Ill know its working TKS
  4. Kris Lapp
    Kris Lapp jaggeh
    I just got on forums trying to learn how to use it I am needing GM tinker lockable box and anyone help me
  5. sentri
    sentri _Flux_
  6. King Nothing GFK
    King Nothing GFK
    GhostFaceKillah, King Nothing, SONJA :Atlantic server. Sir Jeda :Pacfic server. Beta player looking for old friend.
  7. Hexx
    Hexx, formerly of Freedom.
  8. Schism
    Hype train, inc
  9. Midas
    Midas Punkte
    Please place a runebook for all the dungeons at brit bank during this beta test please.
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  10. Schism
    Schism Deus Nox
    Hey, you single?
    1. Deus Nox
      Deus Nox
      Hey, you creepy?
      May 2, 2016
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  11. Socko
    omfg hurry up already! :)
  12. Kris Lapp
    Kris Lapp Punkte
    What is the status of the game I havent been back sence December When will we be able to log back on and play
  13. Socko
    Midas, no.
  14. Midas
    Midas Punkte
    I would like to test in Alpha please.
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  15. Vandel
    thanks punkte
  16. Vandel
    im ready to alpha test!!!
  17. Invalid420
    Cant wait to play a solid AoS shard...
  18. Socko
    Merry Christmas!
    1. Schism
      Let's get drunk together!
      Dec 25, 2015
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  19. Deus Nox
    Deus Nox Schism
    Happy Birthday Trammy
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    2. Schism
      I hate you.
      Dec 15, 2015
  20. Socko
    Socko domination Schism.
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