Felucca landmass only (no T2A).

Dynamically spawned trees and ore that can be cut down and placed over.

Seasonally resetting server.  All gear and items and skills will wipe every season (besides seasonal rewards / donations).

Leaderboard system to reward players every season.

1 Insure Item – Use [Desolation

Gold will be much harder to obtain.

Luck removed from loot and the shard entirely and players will be able to farm using PvP suits.

Items and artifacts will spawn at a higher rate than normal, but things will be more difficult.

Artifacts will come from Champion Spawns.

Items will not be powder-able. They can be repaired however.

Houses will be public by default and never private (still cannot loot houses)

Completing higher difficulty champs will reward players with a higher chance of obtaining +15 and +20 powerscrolls, Oaks being the highest, Barracoon lowest.


Unique Artifacts By Champ:

Barracoon – The Dryad Bow

Harrower – Ornate Crown Of Harrower, Robe Of Ari

Oaks – Inquisitors Resolution

Mephitis – Leggings of Bane

Neira – Midnight Bracers

Rikktor – Hunter’s Headdress

Semidar – Hate Of The Magi

*Harrower has the FULL pool of artifacts in its Shared Pool of artifacts (minus Inquis and Ornate Crown), all other champs have a Shared Pool of artifacts that are NOT Unique Artifacts

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