Custom Features (UOR)

Guild UI New

Enhanced Guild Experience

Take part in the most advanced guild experience on any Ultima Online freeshard!

Progress your guild to level 25.

Unlock companions that can be sent out on storyline missions to collect gold and resources and complete daily/weekly quests that reward guild gold.

Spend your gold on perks from the guild store that level up in strength as your guild levels up, or buy extra companions or other items.

Factions have been removed and now all Guilds have an included “militia” PvP element built into them.

Join your Guild’s militia and earn your guild leaderboard status shown on the bottom of the main Guild page!

Our Militia system tracks your guilds Kills, Deaths, and KD Ratio along with what place your Guild is in on the leaderboards!

Earn silver for killing opposing guild militia players to spend on the Guild Armory.

Players are also given a “temporary militia status” for healing a militia guildmate, or for attempting to capture a Town or Dungeon.

Built your guild fortress tile by tile in an upcoming expansion to the Guild System!


Competitive Achievements

Complete hundreds of achievements to be rewarded dozens of unique items and even special in-game titles!

Race to complete achievements before anyone else to become the “Shard First”!

Unlock secret achievements hidden from players!

Take part in one of the most unique and comprehensive achievement system around with an emphasis on the lowest possible latency and save times.

Our Achievement System now tracks the top players in the leaderboards for achievements completed!

Obtain unique prizes, extra gold, and show your achievement power!

 New achievements constantly added regularly!

Instanced Dungeons

Instanced Dungeons

Easily one of the most advanced and fun features around.

Join or create a group and take on challenging dungeons similar to those on World of Warcraft!

Instances Dungeons come complete with lockout timers, portal decay, locked in boss encounters, trash mobs, and even advanced looting!

Control looting with a Need/Greed/Pass rolling system!

Face unique and challenging bosses that come with their own unique abilities that will require team coordination to succeed!

Earn unique items and rewards for killing the bosses.

Our Instances Include:

Pirate Raid (Newbie Instance)

Sewers Of Britain (2-5 Players)

Trial Of Elements ( 5-10 Players)

Caverns Of Time: Britain (5-10 Players)

New instanced dungeons will be released regularly!

Intuitive Crafting

Intuitive Crafting

The crafting menu has been redesigned to make it much easier to understand and to give players easy access to look up the items they are trying to craft.

You can now see the algorithm for what your craft chances are at.

Menu selections will automatically turn red and the button will disappear if you don’t have enough resources to craft the item, and alternatively, will reappear should you acquire more resources.

Players can now click on the item they are crafting in the menu for a breakdown of what the item looks like in game, and what the base stats are for those items.

Some craft skills like alchemy can take advantage of our “craft multiple” addition, where you can make hundreds of potions in a click of a button!

Players have the ability to use the resources in their home without having them on your person.  Players must set this in their house menu and they must be in your house.

Players can also allow friends and even co-owners to access the resources as well, making the possibility for Guild Houses even stronger!


Town and Dungeon Capturing

On Ultima Shards UOR, both Dungeons and Towns can be captured!

If a Guild would like to capture a Town or Dungeon, they must sit on the Altar for several minutes.  Once you enter an altar, and you are not in your Guild’s militia, you are automatically added to “Temporary Militia” in which opposing Guilds who are in militia or temp militia CAN attack you.  Your progress will also be announced to the server globally, so beware.  Use this if your looking for a fight or just want to take part in some of the bonuses!

Guilds that capture a Town will see 1% of the town’s revenue in taxes turn into Guild Gold, allowing them to purchase perks and companions quicker than usual.

Guilds that capture a Town will automatically get increased Guild XP per monster kill and Increased Gold Drops from monsters!

Be Weary! Many Guilds use this system as a shoutout to other Guilds to get them to participate in PvP!

Slayer Crafting

We have gotten rid of the old Slayer Spawning system on items.

Players will now be able to craft “Monster Essence Absorbers” as a GM Tinkerer.  To do this, players must have a special item called “Slayer Plans” and some resources.

Once the “Monster Essence Absorber” has been crafted, it will automatically spawn with a random slayer associated to it.

These items themselves are NOT slayers.  However, they can turn any weapon into a slayer.  Each one of these items has a specific amount of monsters that need to be killed as well as a specific type(s) of monsters.  You must also WEAR the talisman in order to absorb the kills.

Once the Absorber has been filled, you will notice an effect around you, and you will be able to double click the absorber and apply it to a weapon of your choice.

Slayer Plans can be obtained from Paragon Creatures as well as from Champion Spawn Raffle Items.


Pet Leveling

In Ultima Shards: T2A, ALL pets are levelable.  Whether its a chicken, a dragon, or a hell hound, players will be able to level all of their pets.

We also have the pet bonding system in place, however, we have changed the way it functions.

Players will now automatically bond their pets when they have reached Level 5, they will NOT bond traditionally by feeding them and waiting a week.

Every time you level up your pet, it will gain 2.5% power increase per level.  This increases its stats and skills.  By default after tame, it has 2.5% increase, and can achieve a max of level 10 (25% power increase).

This will make for some interesting chicken fights!

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