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As we begin to move closer and closer to adding in all the content for a pre-release beta onto the live servers, we would like to reveal some of the larger changes now to everyone and drum up some discussion about it. I just want to preface by saying this… I understand some of these are fundamentally big changes but I think many of them need to be done. We live in a freeshard ERA that has never been meant to be balanced economically and everything we’re building towards is in order to make crafting, pvm, and pvp more appealing. The more crafters, and pvmers we have on the server, the more pvpers we will have on the server as well. The overall goal is to be able to eventually stop doing seasonal resets. I believe we can achieve this as we iterate through each season, see what works, what doesn’t, what makes for a solid economic foundation, and what promotes the most amount of constant activity. So lets dive into these with an open mind.

Season 3 – Season of the Crafter

For this season, much of the focus went into crafting changes as well as some general changes all around that stem from crafting.

Loot has been altered in way to promote crafting to the fullest extent, provide more difficulty to actual gameplay, and provide some balance.  We want crafting to influence gearing towards suits and obtaining high end gear way more than before, and we also want crafting to be something you work toward and progress with over time.

We feel we’ve struck a balance with that so far by modifying the following:

Loot And Items

  • Armor And Weapons
    • Decreased the amount of properties that can spawn from 5 to 4 max.
    • Modified the lootpacks of most monsters to reflect this change.
    • Lowered the amount of items that drop from monsters.
    • Removed Lower Stat Requirement, Self Repair, and Durability Bonus from items.
    • Added additional lootpack for very high end bosses.
    • Removed most Artifacts from being drops from Champ Spawns and Tmaps.
    • Added way to get 5th mod on items, making item temporarily brittle.
      • Brittle Items here function as method in which the highlighted Mod itself causes the item to become Brittle and spawn with a 150/150 Durability. Once item breaks, the mod breaks off, and the original item Durability remains.


  • Items
    • Decreased the amount of properties from runics from 5 to 4 max.
    • Removed Lower Stat Requirement, Self Repair, and Durability Bonus from items.
    • Durability Bonuses will now be applied when using higher end resources to craft items.
    • Added various crafting/harvesting attributes in game.
  • Bulk Order Deeds (BODS)
    • BODs have been removed from the game.
  • Resource Commodity Orders
    • New Item: RCO’s are requests from vendors to harvest them specific resources for rewards.
  • Crafting Instances
    • New Crafting Instances have been added into the game.
      • These will function as medium to high end endgame crafting content.
      • Some of these will be timed run-throughs.
      • Some of these will require both a harvest and crafting skill.
      • Rewards and Record times will be displayed on the portals themselves.
  • Harvesting Instances
    • New Harvesting Instances have been added into the game.
      • These will function as low to high endgame gathering content.
      • Many of these will be timed speed run-throughs, that will reward you based on the speed in which you harvest everything.
      • Rewards and Record times will be displayed on the portals themselves.
  • Harvest Ore and Tree Nodes
    • Nodes will no longer display their resource time until they are gathered once.
    • Damage done to Node will increase with skill.
      • Every Node will contain a specific amount of lumber/ore.  The damage you do is coorelated to how much it will give you.  So the more skill you have, the faster you can harvest it.
    • All Harvest Nodes will now by default take 3 seconds for each harvest attempt.
      • This speed can be lowered through use of Harvest Speed Increase items (up to a max of 75%) for a lowest speed of .75s Harvests.
      • All Axes, Shovels, Pickaxes, and Skinning Knifes will come with bonus Harvest Speed when crafting with a Dull Copper or higher Resource (up to 20%).
    • Nodes will now correctly regenerate and change their type, and their resource over time.
  • New Item: Crafter’s Talisman
    • Multiple Types – (Skinner’s, Miner’s, Tailor’s, Alchemist’s, etc.)
    • Max Level – 25
    • XP Gained from crafting / harvest depending on Talisman Type.
    • Unlock attributes on your talisman by leveling up.
  • The 5th Item Mod + Upgrade Kits
    • With one of the new properties (Chance at Bonus Mod) – a skilled crafter can create an item that is “Brittle”, this means it cannot be repaired temporarily. 
      • Once durability reaches 0/0, the bonus mod breaks off, and original item durability becomes active again.
    • Upgrade Kits can be crafted with 3 charges that allow players to upgrade (add a mod) on a piece of armor or weapon.
      • If the item has 4 properties it will become Brittle.  They can only be used once on an item unless mod is removed or the brittle property breaks.
  • Crafting Artifacts
    • As mentioned, most artifacts have been removed from Champ Spawns and Tmaps and will now be craftable this season.
    • Artifact Recipes can be obtained any systems that reward Crafting Satchels.
    • Artifacts will still require Magical Residue and Resources.
    • Artifacts will spawn Brittle (they cannot be repaired by normal means), however players can craft them whenever they want if they have the resources.
    • Artifacts can ONLY be repaired if the wearer is in Order/Chaos, and they participate in Order/Chaos PvP battles and purchase the reward to repair them.
  • Additional Crafting/Gathering Properties
    • Exceptional Chance Increase
    • Chance At Bonus Property
    • Harvest Speed Increase
    • Rare Material Harvest Chance
    • Double Harvest Chance
    • Crafted Item Durability Bonus
    • Enhance Chance Increase
    • Chance At Not Consuming A Use
    • Carry Weight Increase
    • ? ? ?

Dungeons/ Dungeon Of Day Tiers/Boss

  • Tiers
    • DOD’s can now progress through multiple tiers by killing monsters.
    • Bonus Gold Find per Tier Level.
    • Bonus Paragon Rate Increase per Tier Level.
    • Final Tier spawns a Mega Boss.
      • Extremely difficult and require multiple people.
      • Must be defeated while the dungeon of the day is that dungeon.
      • Highest Loot Table.
      • High End Rewards
      • Drops Magical Residue (in form of item to be destroyed) which will be much required.
      • Can only spawn once a day after the dungeon of day changes.
  • Mounting
    • Players can no longer ride a mount in a dungeon.  This includes pets and ethereals.
    • Upon entering a dungeon, your mount/ethy state is saved, and when leaving, you will automatically leave mounted with the same mount.
    • If a state is saved and you leave dungeon dead – you will auto mount upon resurrecting.

Meta Talismans

  • Removed Morphs/Runes
    • The following have been removed from spawning: Create Food, Unlock, Curse, Energy Field, Evil Omen, Mind Rot.
  • Spell Words
    • Players will no longer be able to see when the spell has triggered a morph besides from after casting the spell.  We don’t want players to continue to cycle/interrupt until it triggers.
  • Necromancy
    • Corpse Skin morph will now reduce the target’s fire and poison resist by -40 and raise physical by 25, up from -15 and +10 respectively.
    • Poison Strike morph will now do a 3x chain poison strike.
    • Strangle morph damaged increased from, 175% normal damage to 250% and will now also apply a Lethal Poison every tick while the spell lasts.
    • Wither morph will now cause you to heal for 10% of the damage you cause.
  • Chivalry
    • Noble Sacrifice morph will now increase range to 8 tiles (up from 3), will res/cure/dispel all valid targets around and heal 100% of the health.  Will also leave you with full health as well (when not in combat)

Order / Chaos

  • Order/Chaos MOBA
    • We have been building a new type of event for Order/Chaos Battles.
    • 2 Sides, one for Order, one for Chaos.
    • 3 POI’s on arena map. One in center, and 1 on each side.
    • Middle area will a high end boss which will provide the killers with special resource unlocks in order to grant a temporary buff to minions on one side as well as upgrades.
    • Side creatures will provide a lesser amount of resources.
    • Players can purchase buffs that permanently increase their troops HP and damage and also buffs that can increase their own damage (to minions and bosses – while in event).
    • Up to 10v10 players on each side.
    • Players will start on foot with only a robe.
    • Players will be able to upgrade themselves or their teams minions as times goes on.
    • 2 lanes that spawn minions periodically that fight each other.
    • Last hitting the minion grants you experience and resources used to upgrade your teams troops or yourself in battle.
    • This is still currently in heavy development and is the bulk of the time required before season 3 will launch.



Loot obtained from Monsters can only spawn with up to 4 properties, additionally, we have removed Lower Stat Requirement and Durability Bonus (from weapons) and Lower Stat Requirement, Self Repair, and Durability Bonus (from armor).  We want durability bonuses to only happen when coming from enhancing weapons and armor or crafting with that material.

With loot being altered in terms of max properties, we’ve also had to make a sweeping change to loot in general and all its intensities, min/max properties, and every loot pack, as well as adding an additional loot pack to the game specifically for the once daily dungeon of the day bosses.  Bosses will now drop half the loot they did previously.  This was required because insurance is back in, and you essentially don’t lose any of the items you loot if you don’t want to as well as having to scale back some of the pieces because 5 prop pieces no longer spawn.

With this, we’ve made sweeping changes to specific loot packs targeting different monster varieties.  For example, A troll will never give you a 3 mod item. It will typically give you a 1 mod item with 50-100 intensity, but also a 15% chance for a 1-2 mod item with 55-100 intensity. A Drake will drop a 1 mod item with 60-100 intensity, but will have a chance to drop a guaranteed 2 mod item with 65-100 intensity.  A Dragon will always drop (2) 2 mod items at 65-100 Intensity, and has a 15% chance to drop a 2-3 mod item with 70-100 intensity.

While the “Grind” for these items may feel like its significantly increased, the overall affect this has on the obtainable loot from drops in the grand schemes of things, stays pretty steady.  Because there’s less properties, there’s less room for variation between min/max mods, and we’ve increased the mins for many of the loot tables.


The same for loot follows with Runic crafted items (4 properties max and removal of useless properties).  However, you get the added bonus of the weapon Damage Property as a free attribute, as well as the arms lore bonus you get from resists on armor, making runics still the BEST way to get the best gear.

As we mentioned, our focus is to make Crafting something that a player can choose to be, not something that every player “should” macro quickly.  So we’ve added multiple progression paths with Crafters and Harvesters in order to make that happen.  For one, we’ve created additional in game attributes that Crafters and Harvesters can obtain by completing Resource Commodity Orders, special Crafting Instances, and even some Instanced Speed Harvesting/Crafting trials.  All of these depending on their difficulty will reward various tiers of Craftsman Satchels. (Miner’s, Blacksmith’s, Alchemist’s, Scribe’s, etc..)  Rewards from these satchels will include randomly: Gold, Runics, Artifact Recipe Scrolls, skill Powerscrolls, the crafter specific armor with crafter/harvester specific mods mentioned earlier, and a chance to obtain a Crafter’s Talisman.  The crafter’s talisman is a Unique drop for that player, and once that version drops for you, it won’t drop again.

A crafter’s talisman is similar to a meta talisman, however, it is leveled up through the act of either crafting or gathering (whichever type you have).  For instance, if you have a Miner’s talisman, you will only level up the talisman by mining.  Same applies to the rest.  As you level up, your talisman will learn new properties that will benefit your crafting.  The new properties added will be detailed further below.
One of these properties is a % chance to craft with a bonus property.  This is where players will be able to get a 5th modifier on items.  However, having an item with a 5th mod will cause that item to become Brittle. Meaning the item will not be repairable, and will have a durability of 255. The 5th modifier will be highlighted for you, and all that brittle means is that after the durability falls off, the bonus mod will break off and the original durability of the item will show up afterwards.

Furthermore, a skilled crafter will be able to build an upgrade kit, that will allow a bonus mod to be placed onto an armor or weapon.  This kit will again, turn the item brittle and the same follows.  Each kit will require special resources to craft, will require a skilled crafter, and will have 3 charges which will allow you to have additional chances to place a mod that you want on that piece of gear.

Lastly, we have removed most artifacts from being obtained from Champ Spawns primarily and Treasure Maps.  There will now only be a unique artifact that can drop from each champ boss, and the shared artifact pool will have been removed.  This means that crafters who dedicate themselves to crafting, will be able to obtain artifact recipes from various craftsman satchels and actually craft the artifact of their choice, instead of hoping for a random one from a boss.

Basically, there’s a hell of a lot to do as a crafter, and a lot to look forward to.

New Item: Crafter’s Talisman – A pseudo Meta Talisman that can level up based on the type of crafter/harvester you are which which talisman you have.

Additional Crafting/Gathering Properties  Are As Follows:

  • Exceptional Chance Increase
  • Chance At Bonus Property
  • Harvest Speed Increase
  • Rare Material Harvest Chance
  • Double Harvest Chance
  • Crafted Item Durability Bonus
  • Enhance Chance Increase
  • Chance At Not Consuming A Use.
  • Carry Weight Increase
  • ? ? ?

Harvesting Changes

Harvesting has undergone some changes as well.  First, the more skill you have, the higher damage you to do the node, and thus the faster you can mine it of it’s resources, which is the opposite of what it used to be.  Increasing your harvest skill will allow you to mine the node faster (in terms of damage done to the tree each swing), and unlocks the ability to start harvesting different resource types.

Additionally, it will now take 3 seconds by default for each swing of the tree.  We purposely pushed the speed slower because we want there to be a progression path towards being an efficient harvester.  There has previously not been a giant need for items to be crafted with higher material before besides for different armor resists and different weapon element damage changes.  We wanted to add more reasons to craft with a better material. 

As you craft an axe or skinning knife or shovel/pickaxe, you will also gain up to 20% increased harvesting speed (20% at valorite scaling).  It will also increase the amount of uses these items have.

Players will also be able to further increase their harvest speed from leveling up their Harvesting Talisman (up to 25% at max level of 25) and further gain additional points by wearing gear that has Harvest Speed increases on it as well.  Up to a maximum speed of 75% increased harvest speed.  The same will apply for skinning.

Lastly for Harvesting, all Ore and Tree Nodes will no longer display their color initially.  It is up to the player to initially harvest the node and after harvesting it once, you will discover what the resource is and will display its Resource name and color.


As of this patch, players will no longer be able to use mounts in a dungeon.  This includes pets and ethys.  If a player wants to use their mount as a fighter, they will be required to unmounts before entering the dungeon and bring it along side them.  For players who enter the dungeon with a mount or ethy, you will automatically be dismounted and your mount will be saved.  Upon leaving, you will automatically come out of the dungeon remounted as you did entering.  There’s previously been very little risk to entering dungeons, as you can easily run past everything and get to where you want to go with little harm done to you. Our goal here was to make dungeon pvp more vibrant, less reliant on actual latency connect, and more reliant on player decisions, as well as increase the difficulty levels of dungeons to some degree.

Each Dungeon of the Day will now have multiple tiers to it. Every tier increase, increases the chance that a Paragon creature will spawn, as well as increases the gold received from monsters inside of it.  As more activity happens inside the dungeon, it gives the opportunity for players to trigger an event boss (once a day) per Dungeon of the Day.  Once a dungeon reaches max tier, (you will get notified when a tier upgrades and your inside the dungeon), the boss will spawn in 1 of several random spots in that dungeon.  This boss is extremely tough and definitely cannot be solo’d, so it will take a team of people to be able to kill it.  Players will need to learn the boss’s abilities in order to avoid death.

Upon completion, the boss will drop the highest levels of item loot, a large amount of gold, and special resources that will be used to craft the uprade kits, and other items of significance.  They will also be a giant source of XP/Gold for your Guild, as well as XP for your Meta Talismans and finally they will drop ancient artifacts that can be destroyed for Magical Residue to help craft Artifacts.

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