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Prepare For War!

Desolation Season 3.1 IS LIVE!!

Incredible Community

Our 3 expansions join together to make one giant community where everyone can feel free to play where they want.

Mastered PvP

We strive to maintain an incredibly balanced and mechanically accurate PvP experience.  You will not be dissapointed.

Risk Vs Reward

We set out to create Risk vs Reward in every system we craft.  This was the heart of legacy Ultima Online.

What Is Ultima Shards?

Ultima Shards began as an idea that players shouldn’t need to feel obligated to join multiple different communities to enjoy their favorite Ultima Online expansions.  You should be able to choose which expansions you want to play on in one place.

With that, Ultima Shards currently hosts, Age of Shadows, Renaissance, and Mondain’s Legacy servers.

We strive to maintain mechanically accurate combat with a large amount of unique and fun custom content!




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