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Rare Dungeon Bosses

What Are They?

Rare Dungeon Bosses spawn every 4 hours in each major Dungeon.
They are much harder than normal monsters and provide unique Loot and very high Lootpacks.

The Bosses

Bull-Kathos - Hythloth
Chenkov - Despise
Gargant - Orc Cave
Gelidus - Ice
Glaruk - Deceit
OkeeNapKo - Wrong
Sanguis - Shame
Scarabaeus - Terathean Keep
Sindragos - Destard
Zamemoch - Fire

Potential Loot

Each Rare Dungeon Boss has a chance of dropping the following items:
Scroll Of Transcedence
Pen Of Wisdom Dust
Pigments Of Tokuno (Paragon Gold, Violet Courage Purple, Dryad Green, Nox Green, Rum Red)
Transmogrification Item