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New To Ultima Online Guide

Welcome to the world of Ultima Online! If you are a new player, this set of guides will help you get started in this vast and exciting place called [Britannia]!

What Is Ultima Online?


Tomorrow, the world as you know it comes to an end ...

I have witnessed brave adventurers delve deep into deadly dungeons in search of danger.
I have watched businesses and whole industries spring up to supply the needs of these adventurers.
I have seen the blacksmiths auctioning off their wares in crowded squares, hiring miners with guard escorts to bring them metal to forge, hiring bards to calm the inevitable arguments and fights that break out in the fever of competition.
I have seen intrepid crews take to the open ocean to seek new islands, only to be surprised by other crews on pirate ships armed with magic, ready to steal the contents of their cargo holds.
I have seen people master the arcane and difficult arts of magic, and become powerful mages capable of transforming their shape and walking down city streets, terrifying the populace.
I have seen a group of artists hold auditions for their play, wrestling pits marked off in the dirt, and crows calling out pets from the sidelines.
I have watched as scholars walked into moongates over and over, building tables of destinations, to try to unlock the patterns behind them.
I have read the research into unknown magic, and waited for players to discover the hints left for them.
I have seen people build lives here, Build houses and businesses, tame animals, and cry when they die... Bring old friends with them. Make new ones ...

Is it like other multiplayer games, with a clear goal to reach for? Is it just a huge medieval theme chat zone?

No, Ultima Online is far more than any one of these, it is more than all of these put together. It is an Ultima, with an epic plot as yet largely unrevealed.
It is a world. It is now our second home. A living, breathing, changing place, that will provide constantly varying experiences.
Just like the real world, the virtual economy and ecology will change--even fail in places--as players either exploit or care for it.

As developers, we will be challenged by keeping up with the "holes" in the "laws" of economy that players discover, just as a government must continue to pass laws to keep the economy and ecology of the real world on an even keel ...
It grows over time. It lives, it changes. It evolves. It becomes a community.
Join us, as we discover together where that evolution will lead. The world where the future of role-playing resides. The place where we have all found another home...

Come live with us in the world of Britannia in Ultima Online!

Installing Ultima Online

Before you can take your first steps into Britannia, you must first install the game client. We provide an easy way for you to do that.
Download The Game Here
Once the download completes, simply run the file and allow it to install at its default location, and it will automatically download the game client, Razor, and UOSteam assistants.

Choosing An Assistant

Razor and UOSteam
You cannot play Ultima Online without choosing a game assistant. Game assistants will allow you to log into the world and also provide you with a bunch of tools that can make your experience much easier.
Though if you are completely new to Ultima Online, these tools may look a little odd, they are extremely powerful once you get used to them. When the game finishes downloading via our installer, there will be 3 options available to click on.
Razor, UOSteam, and the normal client. Unfortunately, we do not currently support logging into the game without the use of assistants, so you would need to use one of the two assistants instead.
Click on one of them, and press ok to log in and you will be taken to the Ultima Online login screen.

Creating An Account And Logging In

Currently, Ultima Shards uses the Auto-Account feature, meaning, if you do not currently have an account, you can simply choose an Account Name and Password, and if it doesn't exist, it will be created for you.
Ultima Shards allows for 3 accounts per IP address to be created.

Choosing A Shard

Because Ultima Shards is a "Multiverse", we have and will have a number of shards to select from. These shards will be all the different expansions that we have released.
Select one of the shards from the list and it will take you to a character creation screen where you can begin creating your new character!

Creating Your Character

CC character creation screen.jpg

You will first pick the name, sex and race of your character. You can also pick your hairstyle and color and the color of your starting clothes.
On the next screen, you can select the starting template and later the starting location of your character.
You can move to the next screen or return to the previous screen by pressing the arrows on the bottom right of the window.
Different servers have different allowances when it comes to Character Type. For example, T2A, UOR, and AOS shards will not allow you to have a Elf or Gargoyle character
If you choose an Elf or Gargoyle character, it may say that its not supported, or even just ignore it completely and make you a human still.

Selecting a Profession

Ultima Online has 58 different Skills currently in game and 3 different Statistics which determine the capabilities of your Character. However, since new players need some time to understand them all, there are also seven advised templates:

Guide paladin.png "Paladins are the holy warriors of the realm. These protectors of the virtues have a number of defensive as well as offensive abilities available to them."
** Only Available In AOS and Later Expansions **
Guide necromancer.png "Necromancers wield the dark force of Death itself as a means to find ultimate magic power. They use the power of the other side to both attack their foes and to protect themselves."
** Only Available In AOS and Later Expansions **
Guide warrior.png "Warriors are physically the toughest of adventurers, battling their foes in all-out hand to hand combat. Such individuals require great strength to wear heavy armor and survive battles with dangerous foes."
Guide mage.png "The Mage is an expert magic user. Though they have both defensive and offensive magic, mages are especially well-equipped to deal out damage in combat and are most effective at a distance."
Guide blacksmith.png "The Blacksmith's job is to locate and mine ore, smelt it into ingots, and forge the ingots into weapons and armor to sell at shops or to other players. A new blacksmith should first find a public smithy to use."
Guide samurai.png "The Samurai is an elite warrior who seeks to achieve perfection through battle. They strike with great accuracy, can handle multiple opponents, and have mastered the art of parrying with weapons."
** Only Available In SE and Later Expansions **
Guide ninja.png "The Ninja is an assassin who uses stealthy tactics and summons deadly magic in combat to confuse and weaken their enemy."
** Only Available In SE and Later Expansions **

Selecting one of these will give you a starting quest to familiarize you with that template's aspects. These templates grant you different skill layouts orientated towards your choice.
Note that your character's class is is based on nothing other then these skill points, which can be changed in whatever way you like later on.
For example, a stealthy rogue can later change disposition to that of a hulking warrior, and then switch again to that of an intelligent mage - or your character can take up aspects of many classes at the same time!
Furthermore, you are not locked into using certain weapon/armor types by your choices - while some skills do directly relate to certain forms of equipment, this is more of a guideline then a rule.

It is generally a good idea to start with an adventuring character, as crafters rely on adventurers for the materials with which they work their trades.
Granted, materials can also be bought from other players, but that requires gold (and usually lots of it).
You may have multiple characters on each shard, so you can always make a new one later if things don't work out (there are limits, but unwanted characters can also be deleted and replaced).


If you want to try new skills, you can select the customize button to select up to three skills having no more than 120 skill points in total and adjust your statistics accordingly.


Next you'll select your character's name and appearance, as well as starting clothing. Since your name is your character's most distinguishing characteristic, choose it wisely.
Additionally, keep in mind that racist or derogatory names are prohibited. A good unique name will help you generate positive relations, which will help you in the long term.


From the Appearance menu, you can select different appearance properties for each race:
(Remember, each shard allows for only a specific type of race. If you are playing on T2A, UOR, or AOS, you cannot be a Gargoyle or Elf, it will default to Human)


Humans can select their:

  • Face Graphic
  • Hair
    • Hair Color
  • Skin Tone

also, if a male character is selected:

  • Facial Hair
    • Facial Hair Color


Elves can select their:

  • Face Graphic
  • Hair
    • Hair Color
  • Skin Tone


Gargoyles can select their:

  • Face Graphic
  • Horn Graphic
    • Horn Color
  • Skin Tone

also, if a male character is selected:

  • Facial Horn
    • Facial Horn Color

Additional Guides And Information

For a further understanding of UO and its complexities. We've compiled a list of External Guides to help you learn the game faster.
NOTE - Some of these Guides may not apply to Ultima Shards's custom content or customizations, but they should at least help you learn the basics.

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