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Welcome To Ultima Shards : AOS DESOLATION

UO Desolation builds on the previous systems and mechanics of UO Shadow Age, and Ultima Shards: AOS, and AOS: Redux.

This server style is designed to be a HARDCORE PvP experience. You will likely die, you will likely lose your items as well. In addition, the server will be RESETTING every 3-4 months in Seasonal Resets. These will wipe all skills and items besides collected Seasonal Items, Donation Items, and In Game Relics. Houses will also remain as well, but nearly everything else will be wiped in order to change things and give players a fresh and fun filled experience everytime. AOS was not designed to be up for multiple years. The economy and gameplay styles do that endorse that type of gameplay, so seasonality was a major part of this AOS shard's design.

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