Publish 2.2 has been released!
Big Loot Improvements, New Player Bonuses, New Guilds Catch Up Mechanic, + More Content!
Now is the perfect time to begin playing in the Multiverse!

Treasure Maps and SOS Chests

Publish 2.2 introduces 3 new T-Map levels (8, 9, and 10). These treasure maps can be found on higher end creatures like Harrower, Primeval Lich, and Instanced Dungeon Bosses. Levels 8, 9, and 10 include giant loot improvements and the ability to loot Cartography Powerscrolls!

New Player/Guild Startup Bonuses

If there was ever a time to start playing Ultima Shards, now is it. We’re introducing a bunch of new catch up mechanics to help get you in the game faster! The moment you log in, you will be granted bonus stats, bonus skill, and free powerhour reset tokens!

Additionally, any new Guild created will have 2 weeks of Guild XP catch up mechanic, increasing the amount of Guild XP you get from killing monsters.

We realize its tough to get into the game, especially after many others already have good gear. With the new startup bonuses, guild bonuses, and overall loot improvements happening in this Publish, starting up should be a breeze!

Overall Loot Bonus Improvement

In Publish 2.2, we’ve boosted loot even further. EVERY monster lootpack has been increased along with all Treasure Map Chests and Fishing SOS Chests. Additionally, Fishing SOS Chests will also now drop Treasure Fragments that can be turned in for a random Artifact or Deco.

Instanced Dungeons have also undergone a loot fix as well. The dungeon loot will now be highly based on the killers luck, with the exception of Pirate Raid Newbie Dungeon, which will host its own loot tables.

Champions Spawns have also seen their chances of dropping Doom Artifacts increased as well. There will now be a 35% chance to get an item from completing a Champ Spawn
(10% Unique, 10% Shared, 15% Decorative)

New Donation Item

Pen Of Wisdom

(Duplicates the contents of a runebook to another – Comes with charges and is rechargeable via items found in game)

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