Player Referral

Refer Friends And Earn Rewards!

We offer a referral system that rewards the server, the player you referred, and yourself!

Particularly useful for players who stream their gameplay or create media videos, or forum threads advertising the server, simply input your Referral Code ( use [Referrals in game to get code and track progress ) anywhere on your video, forum, or stream and give people basic information about them having to use [Referrals when they create an account to input your code!  The most successful players referring also help the new players get started as well!

Players can earn RL Cash, in game Donation Currency, and even in game Gold!

The player referred, after they enter your referral code will receive a 50% skillgain bonus, and 25% extra gold increase from killing monsters for a limited time.  One a player has reached 6x GM and 7 days of total gametime played, the player who referred will automatically receive the credit in their [Referral account!

There’s no limit to the amount of players you can refer!  The more referred players, the more players you can play with online on Ultima Shards!