Guild Referral

Coming With A Guild Of 4 Or More?

To those who are looking to make the transition into bringing their guild over (4 or more players), definitely read this!

We understand it can be painful transitioning or starting from one server to another.  For any Guilds who’ve thought of making the transition but don’t have the patience to macro a character all the way up to it being usable, well, we got you covered.  We will be offering Guilds that meet the requirements below, one advanced character token per person, and a guild free of charge at level 3.

PM “Punkte” on the forums or Discord Channel (Check the Community Tab Above).  All we require is a PM by 4  or more individuals from the guild looking to transition over, the characters to be created in game, and some time so that staff can verify to make sure you are new players to the server.

The players that receive the Advanced Character Token can only use it on that character.

For Guilds that already have people playing on here Ultima Shards, but have 3 or more guild members (new players) that would like to transition here as well (at the same time), we can offer the same.  All the members must contact “Punkte” on forums and/or Discord Channel to verify.  There will be no free Guild addition since the Guild already exists.

Remember: Players can still refer their Guildmates when they come and join using [Referral, so you can get double the rewards!