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    Publish 1.6

    • All Necromancy spells will now have their speed increased to make them more of a viable skill for PvP/PvM

    • Revert Hiding modification that broke it.
    • Improved Dungeon Loot Extensibility For Instanced Dungeons
    • Global UI Tweaks
    • Trial of Elements gold loot tweak.
    • Player Names based on creation time instead of total game time.
    • Double check to ensure that LootPack Luck chance is never below 0.
    • Fixed an error that didn't cause a 100% enhance rate with Forged Metal Of Artifacts
    • Title statistics tweak.
    • Make Forged Metal Of Artifacts Blessed.
    • Treasure Maps will now dig up a chest in 2.5s to prevent players from cycling the chest to train lockpicking.
    • Gaining skill with Discordance on you with now use your real skill instead of your current to determine the gain rate.
    • Mobs will teleport less frequently.
    • Tamed pets will run much faster with you now and will follow up to 18 tiles away.
    • Young players can now cast Gate Travel.
    • Distance of teleport has been decreased from 12 to 10 to make it match all other mage Spells.

    • Added Loot improvements for Monsters in Fel Dungeons, Doom Bosses, and Paragons.
    • All Champion Spawn and Doom Boss LootPacks have been increased.
    • Gearscore needed for Purple Shield has been increased (this may mod the colors of some items in game already)
    • Gearscore points increased for some armor and many clothing hat attributes (this will effect some colors in the game already)

    • All players with loot rights will be able to receive an artifact from Doom assuming their chance is hit, instead of just 1 person being able to receive a Doom Artifact.
    • Gauntlet Scensor has been added that will scan Doom for a small fee and determine how many players are currently inside.

    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to break the Owner / 48 Hour by putting them into BOD Books.
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