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    Publish 1.4


    + Implement IArtifact interface for everything that uses Artifact Rarity.
    + Make Artifact Rarity fully dynamic for all items implementing IArtifact.
    + Gearscore implementation no longer relies on hooks throughout the code-base in order to compute the ItemValue.
    + Add IRelic interface and new RelicRarity implementation for unique items and containers.
    + Updated some special title's appearance.
    + Happy-Go-Lucky
    + Added Power Hour commands to globally reset all states and to view/edit individual player states.
    + Scrolls and Artifacts distributed by Champion Spawns will now appear on your corpse if you are dead in your backpack when alive.
    + Added support for insuring Relics at 2400gp each.
    + Update boat mouse control to automatically operate the anchor depending on the state of the current driver.
    + Update the way total gold, items, and weight are computed for boats.
    + Add Shard API data points for handling Time Boosts.
    + Update Achievement detection for approaching NPC's.
    - Remove mod to make pets follow at owner's speed as it isn't consistent (to be revisited soon)
    + Tweaks for Gearscore computations.
    + Update Gump TypeID's to be consistent across server builds.
    + Add Shard API data point for Time Boosts.
    + Additional null checking for map references.
    + Fixed issue with XmlSpawner polling smart spawn cache based on Map ID instead of at index.
    + Added sorting support to Guild Members and Diplomacy UI (Issue detected, will need to be fixed as well - currently displaying black box where info should be.)
    + Strengthened the accuracy of our potential AFK gathering/taming scripts.
    + Added PvP and PvE events to be spawned weekly.
    + Resolved issue where Anti-Ghosting Detection would kick a player out of Ilshenar into the middle of nowhere in the sea.
    + Fixed typo in Doom Kickout Gump.
    + Slightly increased skillgain rates of Mining.
    + Fixed an issue preventing players from chopping high end wood into boards.
    + Slightly increased the rate in which Powerscrolls from spawn are given.
    + Fixed crash issue with recall runes.
    + Fixed an issue with Instanced Dungeons loot.
    + Fixed serialization for Temporary Artifacts.
    + Fix erroneous PowerScroll loot dropping with 0 Skill Value.
    + Give ItemRelic and ContainerRelic a default constructor.
    + Removed Stat Loss from Cu-Sidhes.
    + Added Deserialization check to automatically fix all Cu-Sidhe stats in game.

    + Fixed faction vendor gump.

    + Buffer overflow detection for encryption
    + Detect and generate login keys for encrypted clients.
    + Fixed threading issue with NetStates.
    + Fixed early disposal issues with NetStates.
    + Multiverse core update.
    + Multiverse SDK update.

    + Increased lootpack of Blood Elementals.
    - Lowered lootpack of Executioners.
    - Lowered lootpack of Mummies.
    + Increased lootpack of Swoop.
    - Lowered lootpack of Ethereal Warrior.
    - Lowered lootpack of Serpentine Dragon.

    + Increased vendor minimum rates of Empty Bottles, Reagents, Blank Scrolls.

    + Increased the chances of obtaining higher material BODs.
    + Added additional reward area for +5 Tailoring and +5 Blacksmithy BODs.

    Enhancing algorithms have been completed modified. Enhancing will now be based off the current Enhancer's skill along with the Gearscore (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary) of the item.

    Base Enhancement Chance
    Common (White) - 100%
    Uncommon (Green) - 60%
    Rare (Blue) - 30%
    Epic (Purple) - 0%
    Legendary (Orange) - -10%

    Skillgain Enhancement Bonus

    100 Or Less Craft Skill
    Craft Skill / 5 = % Bonus

    100 To 120 Craft Skill
    20% + 1% For Each Percent From 100 To 120 (40% At 120)

    Using Ancient Smithy Hammer
    +10 = 3.3% Bonus
    +15 = 5% Bonus
    +30 = 10% Bonus
    +60 = 20% Bonus
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