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    Sweet Dreams Inn
    NOTE** - In order to gain access to the housing tiles given to people in this release, you must run the IPL updater.


    + Add support for all house components.
    + Add 16 new House Teleporter tiles to the House Designer.
    + Add new House Foundation styles.
    + Fix issue preventing Doors from being placed.
    + Update House Foundation will now update existing exterior stairs.
    + Update Garden Tiles to support Security settings and default to Friend-only access.
    + Update Rainbow Tiles to support Security settings and default to Friend-only access.


    + Update for Login Achievements validity checks.
    + Fix issue with Grand Master Skill achievements not counting progress and resetting.


    + Update all Craft Resource bonus attributes with latest information from UOGuide.
    + Update Shields to include bonuses from their Craft Resource.
    + Fix issue with Tailor Bulk Order reward hues.
    + Fix issue with Bulk Order queue resetting time already waited.
    + Fix issue with Tailor Bulk Orders sometimes requiring Cloth and listing Leather-only items.
    + Fix issue with Looms that allowed the user to finish production with a different Cloth type.
    + Fix issues with equipment Enhancement not properly applying Craft Resource bonus attributes.


    - Remove all trace of Faction Taxes.
    + Add Icon Definition support to Donation Exchange UI.
    + Update Pets to have them attempt to follow at their master's current movement speed.
    + Update Bulk Order and Power Scroll Book Filter UI.
    + Update Vendors to no longer access Food created with the Create Food Spell.
    + Fix issue with Player Names Registry not persisting specific options.
    + Fix line of sight issues with Explosion Potions.
    + Fix issue with Boats not properly syncing when wrapping at the edge of the map.
    + Fix issue preventing characters from leaving the World when logging out.
    + Fix issue causing Ilshenar luck penalty to be bugged.
    + Pet Summoning Balls will now be enabled for players in Ilshenar.
    + Frenzied Ethereal Ostard has been added to the Donation Store.

    Every month of game-time you will be rewarded Veteran Items, similar to UO-OSI's veteran system.
    For more info on the available veteran rewards, please SEE THE WIKI

    You will also get +5 Skill every week of gametime up until 4 weeks (+20 max skill) So your skill total will be brought up for your account to 720. At the 4th week, you are also awarded the free +5 stats as well.

    Affected Items:
    Due to the removal of the Extra BOD Sandal Hues and the fixing of leather hues persisting through the craft menu, those sandals that have been obtained/found in the world will now be classified and prepatch items and can no longer be obtained.
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