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    Publish 1.2 Patch Notes

    • Increased tamable despawn rate from 1 hour to 3.
    • Added "Lucky Coin" to donation shop. Players can purchase a coin that gives a luck bonus of 250 for 1 day only. Multiple coins purchased will combine and add to the time.
    • Doom Kickout gump Luna reference has been changed to Britain.
    • Daemon Bones have seen a weight reduction from 1 to .1 per.
    • Luck penalty has been reduced from 50% to 20% in ilshenar.
    • Skillgain boost has been added for Ilshenar dungeons at 150%.
    • Gold reduction has been reduced from 50% to 20% in Ilshenar.
    • Loot packs on various creatures have been re-adjusted.
    • Evaluating Intelligence has been lowered on a number of high end monsters to lessen the damage of spells slightly.
    • Lowered the sell-back value of certain items.
    • Crafting gumps will no longer display exceptional quality values of negative numbers.
    • Spell Binder Deed has been removed from the craft menu.
    • Removed Test Missions from guild Quests tab.
    • Quests will now display how much gold and XP is awarded to the guild upon completion.
    • Nightsight will now take the casters Magery level into account and not the targets. This means someone who has GM magery can nightsight someone with 0 and they will be at full light levels.
    • Energy Fields do no longer cause LOS issues when trying to cast over them.
    • You will no longer be flagged into combat if someone attacks you.
    • Players will now be able to Co-Own someone who already owns a house.
    • Casting Vengeful Spirit on a guild member will no longer flag them criminal.
    • Fix UltimaSDK TiledData read/write compatibility.

    • Feeding your pet has been modified. Now, everytime you feed your pet, a message will display saying it was fed. Whenever the loyalty level increases, it will now display "Your Pet Looks Happier"
    • Murderers can now heal their pets without going criminal (assuming the pet isn't criminal already)

    • Doom chance to obtain an artifact has been increased. Players will also now see luck having a greater effect on artifact chances.

    Champion Spawns
    • Champion spawns will no longer bug out and cause the gate to appear when activating the altar, and not show up when killing the boss.

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