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    This post will serve as my official list of recommendations from myself and others in the community that I agree with. I will update this post with new suggestions and track any progress made on the server that matches any of the recommendations. I would love to see this server become one of the more popular UOR servers.

    Current Recommendations

    Permanent Gold Bonuses - some items such as Talismans have a permanent gold bonus feature. I think this is something that should be removed in order to help sustain the economy of the server.

    - Please consider removing durability from all clothing.

    Recommendations that have been Implemented :D

    --- October 2018 ---
    New Player Companion - change the healing to magery greater heal with a cooldown.
    Jewelry - special timed perks that auto delete after timer. Added as "Ancient Power Jewelry" to dungeon chests, lvl 4-5 maps, and lvl 6-7 treasure chests.
    Paragon Lockpicks - requires GM Tinker & Lockpicking, a craftable lockpick which can be sold and used to open paragon chests without lockpicking skill.
    Mob ReSpawns - med-high level mob respawn rates lowered.

    Recommendations that have been Declined :oops:

    [organize command - sorts all none blessed items into different bags of different colors. Clothing, Armor, Weapons, Reagents, Misc (Declined in favor of the Butler that's in development)
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    New Player Companion - Get rid of it all together or limit it to the pirate raid and maybe Brit Gy or something.

    New Player Ticket - As said above I would do away with the companion but assuming that wont happen the new ticket should be kept as is as far as using it goes. Perish the thought you should actually have to talk to someone.

    Jewelry - I was taking your post seriously until I read this shit.

    Mob Spawns - If this is to be considered for change I would suggest it should be done sooner rather than later.

    Paragon Lockpicks - More shit

    [organize command - Lazy cunt