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    + Modified League Tokens to give more Tokens based on the mobs health (health / 200).
    + Yumi damage has been lowered to 12-16 instead of 13-17 to make it competitive for Composite Bow choice.
    + Modified code to allow all new ML+SE items to drop on corpses.
    + Enabled TOT system and tied it in with the League Dungeon. This will drop minor artifacts from any monster in that dungeon, and they can be turned in for Majors from the vendor in Britain.
    + Added a new item Berserker's Stormgrip that will be given in ToT, since Stormgrip is an item from Goblins already. This will have 8 LMC, 30 DI, and 10 HCI on gloves.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.