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    Publish 4.2 Patch Notes:
    + Add tool-top support to dialog UI icons.
    + Fixed issues with MOTW creature hues.
    + Add advanced support for non-container items to handle drag-drop events.
    + Add context menu entry to items to display Slayer info when available.
    + Meta Slayer runes now have a Slayer Info when available.
    + Reduced global Plant growth cycle to once every 12 hours, down from 23 hours.
    + Add Standard, Power, Supreme, and Everfull Garden sprinklers.
    + Add Standard and Power Garden sprinklers to tinker craft.
    + Added Supreme and Everful Garden sprinklers to Donation Exchange.
    + Add Davie's Locker house add-on for storing Treasure Maps, MIBS, and SOS and fixed them.
    + Add Davies Locker to Donation Exchange.
    + Reduced the price of Shrink Pots in Donation Exchange.
    + Fixed garden shed container access behavior.
    + PvP battlegrounds UI and timing mechanics overhaul.
    + Add two new named Spell Effects Hues; Yellow Pulse and Forest Green.
    + Blank Scrolls now use both available art assets and can be flipped and stacked.
    + Spells used in PvM can have their damage increased by the local weather; Lightning, Chain Lightning, and EB.
    + Added ability to withdraw excess XP from maximum level meta items.
    + Added Meta XP to donation exchange.
    + Meta items now give appropriate scaled skill bonuses fore their type; Archery, Tactics, and Magery.
    + Added Meta Spell Morphs for summons; Blade Spirits, Energy Vortex, Elementals, and Daemons.
    + Added new Meta Spell Morphs for offence; Curse and EB.
    + Added new Meta Spell Morphs for defense; Create Food, Heal, Greater Heal, and Magic Unlock.
    + Add Meta Slayer and Spell Morph Removal Runes to Donation Exchange.
    + Add Meta Slayer and Spell Morph Removal Runes to Inscription Craft.
    + Battlegrounds UI updates.
    + Secure level helper updates.
    + New Veteran Items
    + CHest Of Sending
    + Ethereal Retouching Tool
    + Order/Chaos Banners
    + Rose/Skull Rugs
    + Working Craft Addons.
    + Added Runics Logic In For T2A Server.
    + Harrower spawner suppression updates.
    + Custom region control updates.
    + Fix damage cap on Mind Blast Morph.
    + Increase damage bonus for Energy Bolt Morph.
    + Fix dropping of items on items in houses.
    + Double checked locking for Mobile delta update queue.
    + Fix Davies Locker placement crash.
    + Fix visibility issues with house add-ons.
    + Remove redundant core customs framework features.
    + Updated runics for t2a.
    + Fix monster corpse rummaging delay.
    + Add Granite Colossus.
    + Mining can spawn a Granite Colossus.
    + Add support for encrypted client login.
    + Error corrected.
    + Add Rare Dungeon Bosses to slayer groups.
    + Modified experience gained from mobs.

    + Added Time Boost Tokens to Donation Exchange.
    + Added Seed Box to Donation Exchange.
    + Summoned creatures will now be slightly stronger.
    + Added Special Scroll Books to Inscription Craft.

    + Added support for Necromancer Meta Morphs.
    + Meta Mage items can have only 1 Necro Morph engraved.
    + Meta Necromancer items can have only 1 Spell Morph engraved.
    + Meta Necromancer items now give a scaled skill bonus for Necromancy.
    + Add Meta Ability and Necro Morph Removal Runes to Donation Exchange.
    + Add Meta Ability and Necro Morph Removal Runes to Inscription Craft.
    + Increase the health of peerless, champions and aspects to a minimum of 10k.
    Add new Necromancer Morph Runes; * Evil Omen, Mind Rot, Pain Spike, Poison Strike, and Wither.
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