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    I am blonde, which is why I have decided to post my RL photo here. Funny thing happened on the way to Ultima Shards. I've been playing with you guys since discovering US in September 2017. I'm a old timer back from the days Trammel was first introduced, but I've been on and off with UOEA since Malas.

    Anyway...back to being blonde. Since September 2017 I thought I was playing on UO Forever. *gasps* Since I don't socialize a lot when I'm building main characters; it took until last week for me to start wondering if I was playing on an alternate universe than every one else on "UO:F". For instance, I couldn't believe there wasn't a boat to be found anywhere which finally sent me to their forums to ask for help. The answers I received from their administrator served only to confuse me more. He even sent me a screen shot of the Shipwrights Buy Menu and circled the "small ship" deed. LOL OMG! I immediately recognized the shipwright location was in W. Britain, so I logged in to check - thinking perhaps they were just sold out when I first (second, and third) checked. I start reading their forums, and noticed people talking about Malas lol There was NO Malas where I was playing:oops:!! *Freaky stuff I said to myself*

    Meanwhile, I had been donating funds to support the efforts here because I just love being back in Felucca, where there is no Trammel or Malas (yet any way) plus I wanted a ethereal mount. :p I kept looking for a pile of "white coins" but only got shards!! Long story short, I have finally figured out where I really am, signed up here and Punkte shouted out a hello. Whew! I thought I was going cray cray!! Sheesh! Happy ending though....I was donating here not to UOF . Whew! Now....HOW to get a boat!?

    PS: I have a little 7x7 floor a few steps east of the Yew MG. Come buy my recall scrolls I'm finally able to make. Thanks to UOF administrator, he asked me to make him 1000 recall scrolls and he'd buy them to help me out. Those darn scrolls are STILL on my vendor! HAHAH!