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    + Watermark images generated by the ShardWeb service.
    + Houses can no longer be placed near dungeon entrances.
    + Improve performance of Invasion spawn location validation.
    + Update Security UI for locked-down items and house add-ons.
    + Add Support to all items for handling drag and drop actions.
    + Update Decoration Walls with ability to select from 40+ styles.
    + Normalize damage delay for Magic Arrow spell.
    + Fix the display of the capacity for special Scroll Books when crafting.
    + Allow Special Scroll Book owners to edit entries when locked down or on a player vendor.
    + Opening a ships' hold will now open all hold containers.
    + Only siege ammo (Cannon Balls, Chain Shots) can be stored in a Vehicle Ammo Crate.

    * Notes
    + All non-ammo items stored in ammo crates will be moved to the boat/ship owners' bank box.

    * T2A Specific
    + Stackable Seeds.

    * AOS Specific
    + Extended Seed labels.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.