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    + Add tool-tip support to dialog UI icons.
    + Fixed issues with MOTW creature hues.
    + Add advanced support for non-container items to handle drag-drop events.
    + Add context menu entry to items to display Slayer info when available.
    + Meta Slayer Runes now have a Slayer info context menu entry.
    + Reduced global Plant growth cycle to once ever 12 hours, down from 23 hours.
    + Add Standard, Power, Supreme and Everfull Garden Sprinklers.
    + Add Standard and Power Garden Sprinklers to Tinker Craft.
    + Add Supreme and Everfull Garden Sprinklers to Donation Exchange.
    + Add Davie's Locker house add-on for storing Treasure Maps, M.I.B and S.O.S.
    + Add Davie's Locker to Donation Exchange.
    + Reduced the price of Shrink Potions in Donation Exchange.

    * T2A Specific
    + Add Time Boost Tokens to Donation Exchange.
    + Add Seed Box to Donation Exchange.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.