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    + Removed Achievement UI pop-up on log-in.
    + Fix display overflow issues in Character Sheet UI.
    + Fixed an issue with House Teleporter placement in classic houses.
    + Implement Item Binding for restricting equipment to the owner.
    + Add Dynamic Vendor to allow staff to edit the stock items in-game.
    + Refined Scheduled tasks for PvP Battles and Invasions.
    + Improved Invasion Details UI display with more intuitive labels.
    + Invasions no longer counts kills or portal destruction towards final score.
    + Invasions now use damage and bonus points as the base for ranking.
    + Captured Town and Dungeon Invasions give a 10% score bonus for members of the owning guild.
    + Captured Town and Dungeon Invasions give a 5% score bonus for allies of the owning guild.
    + Captured Town and Dungeon Invasions give a -5% score malus for enemies of the owning guild.
    + Added ability to view the Schedule for an Invasion via the Invasion's Details UI.
    + Implement uniformed Slayers that work regardless of the item they are applied to.
    + Fix an issue preventing text from being seen when changing a player's Guild Tag or Title.
    + Pets that become physically stuck can teleport to their owner.
    + Removed semi-transparency from the UI for Power, Alacrity, and Transcendence Scroll Books.
    + Infectious Strike Ability no longer requires a poisoned weapon when activated by a Meta Item.
    + Damage bonus against monsters is now capped at 500%, up from 300%.
    + Morphed Energy Fields will now do up to 50 damage to creatures that walk through them.
    + You can now feed Power Scrolls to your pets (Any except Craft, Harvest and Bardic skills).
    + Vehicles will no longer process mobile movement events while in transit.
    + Fix Pain Spike spell damage.
    + Allow Pet Bonding Deeds to be combined.
    + Added a new secret Achievement.

    * AOS Specific
    + Polymorph will now dispel when cast while active.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.