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    Publish 4.1 Patch Notes
    + Pet Loyalty will now decay by 1 point for each failed command, down from 3 points.
    + Pets will no longer go wild when they reach zero loyalty.
    + Prevent AI from finding a new combatant when pacified.
    + Fixed an error in Explosion Potion damage and timer.
    + Fixed an issue with mounts restriction not updating in the Orc Cave.
    + Weaken, Feeblemind, and Clumsy will no longer interrupt players who already have the debuff applied to them.
    + Ore will now use two types of art and will update based on stack amount.
    + Ores with a different art can now be stacked with each other.
    + Items with a secure level will now retain their restore level after a house design change.
    + Houses will no longer allow spawns to enter while in customization mode.
    + Fix Power Hour cooldown timer reduction time display when using Time Boosts.
    + Updated PvP Tournament match-making algorithm.
    + Archery no longer requires ammo in PvP Battles.
    + Add ability to disallow non-exceptional item usage in PvP Battles.
    + Fix crash on Cellar demolish when the attached house is deleted.
    + Update Guild UI panel rendering.
    + Update storage types and categories.
    + Remove Trap skillrate has been increased.
    + Sand Vortexes will now give 10 sand as opposed to 2.
    + Sand Banks have decreased from 8x8, to 4x4, they will give 2 per harvest, and the min/max total bank is 14/20 as opposed to 6/12.
    + Added additional security checks for MOTW.
    + Fixed issue with house add-on generation and movement lag.
    + Added MOTW safety checks for pets.
    + Optimized triggering of Town and Dungeon Capture platforms.
    + Optimized rendering for Guild UI.
    + Added House Butler prototype.
    + Vendors will now obtain their default dress and body based on their race.
    + Corpse direction and light fixes.
    + Update table layout rendering in interfaces.
    + Captured Dungeons now give +100% Pet Experience Increase.
    + Changed resource requirements for Arcanic Shield (Vehicle Attachment) craft.
    + Added three new types of ammo to Shipbuilding craft; Flaming Charged and Voodoo Cannonballs.
    + Added new API for dynamic ammo mutation for vehicle weapons.
    + Overhauled vehicle weapon damage mechanics.
    + Adjust minimum craft success chance for Shipbuilding from 10% to 20%.
    + Flaming, Voodoo and Charged Cannonballs will require only tinkering skill to craft.
    + Disallow the use of tracking skill while dead.

    + Added Improved Midnight Bracers, recipe added to Champ Spawn Bosses.
    + Added Enhanced Dryad Quarterstaff, recipe added to Champ Spawn Bosses.
    + Players can now rez in Khaldun.
    + All minor artifacts (weapons, armor, and clothing) will now give Magical Residue.
    + Modified Enchanted Long Spear to be an actual Long Spear instead of Short Spear (weapons in game already will need to be changed manually)

    + Bandages and Potions will now display the amount healed overhead, and in T2A, will display *cured* or *failed* on cure status.
    + Increased gold gained from Treasure Map Chests and increased intensity slightly.
    + Increased amount of gold from Level 5 Chests.
    + Modified the Mana Regen Rate for Meditation and removed the penalty to leather armor.
    + Magic Arrow damage now does not stack (it is meant to be a longer delay not to be a spammable skill) - the delay was slightly shortened.
    + We have created a delay for lightning that is now configurable in game. We will NOT be activating the delay as of yet.
    + Energy Bolt travel time has been decreased from 7 to 5.
    + Advanced Character Tokens have been added to the T2A donation store.
    + Evil Mages will no longer drop treasure map level 0 maps.
    + Arrows will now be recovered over time.
    + Rez can be at most 5 seconds. 4 seconds with 40+ dex, 3 seconds with 100+ dex (includes animals and humans).
    + Sand is now stackable.
    + Fixed an issue that caused Explosion Potion Damage Bonus to be too high without Alchemy bonus.
    + Added a toggle in game to switch between era accurate harm and custom range algorithm.

    New Content Addition - Meta Talismans (This content has been pushed back till the next quick patch after this one)
    Meta talismans are talismans that can be leveled by slaying monsters throughout the realm.

    There are currently two variations of Meta Talismans. Warrior and Mage. Currently these are only available in AOS but they will be made available to T2A in the next short term patch. The Talisman will be obtainable from League Token Vendors. The warrior and mage ability runes can be found in the corpses of League Of Monster Hunters mobs at random. They are a lower drop rate but add powerful enhancements to monster slaying.

    These talisman and runes have absolutely no effect on PvP, they are a strictly PvM item.

    Players can reach up to level 10 and follow the same Leveling Algorithm as Pets.

    Later updates will open up two Talisman types - Archer and Necromancer. Each will have their own Spell Effects.
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    Was the ore change supposed to make mining even more annoying ?

    Autostacking ore is fine but defaulting it to the heaviest type kills any newbie miner.
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    Ok no answer ores also bugged to the point you can dupe as much of it as you like you really need to look at this patch implimentation