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    + AOS meta slayer runes and meta ability runes drop on League Monsters.
    + Added Improved Midnight Bracers to AOS, recipe found on Champ Spawns.
    + Arrows will now be automatically recovered over time.
    + On T2A, rez be at most 50 seconds, and 4 seconds with 40+ dex, or 3 seconds with 100 dex (this includes animals and humans. Humans never changed, just rez quickness increases.
    + Remove Trap skillrate has increased.
    + Sand is now stackable.
    + Additional Security Checks for MOTW.
    + Sand Vortexes will now give 10 sand as opposed to 2.
    + Sand Banks have decreased from 8x8 to 4x4, they will give 2 per harvest, and the min/max total bank is 14/20 as opposited to 6/12.
    + Players can now rez in Khaldun (AOS)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.