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    Publish 4.0 Patch Notes (Upcoming)


    + Alchemy has received a slight skillgain boost.
    + Taming skillgain in Dungeons has increased by an additional 100%.
    + Fixed Ethereal Bouras from not appearing correctly.
    + Enable full custom housing range of tiles.
    + Compensate for weapon skill mods when gaining skills.
    + Bloody Teeth will now become tradeable.
    + Rewritten all spells to add support for casting on destructible items.
    + Fixed light effect for standard Carved Pumpkins.
    + Fixed a minor donation sync issue.
    + Fixed typos in House Sign UI.
    + Added [Share command for item sharing by target.
    + Paragon Chests level 5 Lock Picking requirement reduced from 100 to 97.
    + Add ability to flag corpses as lootable without criminal action.
    + Improved AI ability to navigate interactive doors.
    + Fixed an issue with Young Companions not following their owners.
    + Fixed an issue where changing a custom house foundation style allowed the house value to become negative.
    + Improved efficiency of background Ambiance feature.
    + Added a delay before input is accepted for the Anti Macro Puzzle UI.
    + The Janitor will only pick up items that have been left for at least 10 minutes.
    + Added search function to Commands tab in [MyStats UI.
    + Added new Options tab to [MyStats UI to allow configuring of various game options.
    + Can now toggle; Hover tool-tips, Town & Dungeon ambiance and single-click item sharing.
    + Britain will now finally have its own Capture Platform (located where the original Faction Sigil was. The flag displaying control status will be placed next to Britain Bank's doors. The capture Lockout timer will be 1 hour after capturing as opposed to 24 hours. A Guild will be able to control the city for up to 7 days before it expires (it can be attacked and claimed anytime before that).
    + We will be adding a bonus to potions from Alchemy. There will be a 1% bonus per 10% skill, with an additional 10% bonus at GM. Making it possible to get up to 20% bonus to Alchemy. Purples don't track here.
    + Reactive Armor has undergone a small change. Before, the difference between damage absorbed was negligible between those with GM Magery/Med (66.6 dmg) and Magery/Med/Scribe (75.0 dmg). The damage with the GM scribe will stay the same, however, the GM Med and Magery dmg absorbed has been dropped down to 50.
    + Fixed an issue that caused capturing dungeons to not give the bonuses they were supposed to. Players will now receive 25% bonus to gold drops and 100% (up from 50%) more Guild XP.
    + White Wyrms will now do an ice breath effect. In addition, instead of 5% of their max health in damage like dragons, it will do 7.5%. They will also cast fire breath slightly more often, from 30 to 45 seconds, to 25 to 35 seconds.
    + Many new different tamable hues have been added to the game.
    + Capture platforms will no longer turn ghosts into temporary militia.
    + Players and monsters in the Britain Safe Zone can no longer be attacked or harmed
    + Pets can no longer be sent to follow Murderers, Criminals, or Enemies.
    + Pets sent to follow anyone but the Owner and their friends will take a follow speed hit.
    + Acquiring targets on Mage AI location has been reduced to a max of 18.
    + Earthquake now has an LOS check to deter house killing.
    + Added a 2 Second Delay to emotes.
    + Fixed an issue with Pet Bond deeds no longer working.
    + Fixed an issue that caused some mobs to generate more XP then intended.
    + Dozens of Elf Only Items have been modified so that they can work with Humans.
    + Fixed the Notify UI options button text offset.
    + Dungeon and Town Capture Platforms movement detection updates.
    + Bottles are now an alias of Glass Bottles (and vice versa) for crafting.
    + Fixed an issue with pet notoriety causing pet owners to be killed by guards when attacking enemies.
    + Fixed an issue with Good/Evil monster combat aggression.
    + Recall, Sacred Journey, Shadow Jump, and Teleport will now check current and destination locations for movement validity.
    + Added new Strobe Shrouds and Deer Mask to the Donation store.
    + Partial Guild UI rehab in progress. The rest of the Guild UI will be completed in the next patch.
    + Firebreath now has a new effect (chain-gun fireballs).

    AOS Specific
    + Fixed an issue with relative spell damage display (Spell damage issue)
    + Fixed an issue with Pain Spike damaging the caster.

    T2A Specific

    + The Power Bonus from leveled pets will no longer do increased damage to players.
    + Pets distraction has been disabled.
    + Increased pet control loyalty.
    + Pets will now listen to players more often after initiating commands. When a pet is given an order to Stop Follow or Stay, they will listen to that command and not initiate targets.
    + Pets will no longer get distracted and attack other monsters when attacked if the command was for a specific target. This will make it easier to focus specific targets.
    + Paragon gold drops have increased from 50% bonus to 100% bonus.
    + Summon Daemon will now take 4 follower slots instead of 5.
    + Players will no longer be able to cast Magic Reflect on monsters and animals.
    + Fixed an issue with crafted potions stacking.
    + Added Advanced Character Tokens to the donation menu. These will only bring a characters skills up to a max of 80s and 70s. They have been enabled to help people get into the game quicker.

    Larger New Features

    Town and Dungeon Capturing Revamps
    Dungeons will now reward 50 Guild Gold and Scraps every hour. They will also grant the players with 25% Gold Gain in dungeons and 100% more Guild XP from monsters killed. Additionally, players that farm in the dungeon you own (from any guild) also mirror the XP gained for their guild, to your guild. These bonuses will be be reflected on the characters when you might over while in a dungeon. This makes it easier to know when you have the bonuses (or when other people do).

    Towns now reward 100 Guild Gold, Scraps, Ore, and Lumber per hour. The Lockout timer has been reduced to 4 hours until recaptureable.
    In addition, Britain can now be captured. Capturing Britain will reward 250 Guild Gold, Scraps, Ore, and Lumber per hour, and there will be a 1 Hour Protection timer.

    The rewards per hour for capturing the towns or dungeons actually are given out every minute. Amounts in decimals are truncated and given out when they reach a full integer value.

    The Guild UI will now display exactly how much the town gives for capturing, the protection timer, who controls it, and on the bottom of the UI, the total amount of Guild Resources you are obtaining every hour via a collection of everything you own.

    League Of Monster Hunters
    Players will be allowed to take part in slaying a staff chosen monster during various times. These monsters will have a chance of dropping League Tokens, Special Hued Cloth, Scrolls of Alacrity, Hued Sandals, Clothing Bless Deed, and a Character Slot Token.

    The monster chosen will be highlighted a special hue and on mouse over, will display "League Of Monster Hunters Mob".

    Happy Hunting.

    Dungeon Of The Week

    Specific dungeons will rotate in a Dungeon Of The Week. These Dungeons will have bonus skillgain, gold obtained from monsters, and increased Paragon chance.
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