Publish 3.6.1

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    Publish 3.6.1


    +Add Scavenger Hunt System.
    + Removed redundant commands.
    + Added command list to [MyStats interface.
    + Clicking [Quests] on the paperdoll will now open the [MyStats interface.
    + Remove encoding preamble bytes from outgoing WebAPI POST request data.
    + Fix issues preventing paypal post-back verifications on donation transactions.
    + Rewrite ASCII and Unicode font interpretation factories for more accurate measurements and rendering.
    + Added Gateway utility transferring items between servers.
    + Pet's AI Ability will no longer work on players.
    + Fixed badge display on Achievement notifications.
    + Improved Player Vendor Promote feature integration.
    + Added PwnedFlag.
    + Add Pet Ability Reset/Replace Runes.
    + Added new Donation items.
    + Item de-stacking safety.
    + Fix menu fluid width calculations.
    + Added achievements for Pet Leveling.
    + Fixed menu fluid width calculations.
    + Added Achievements for Pet Leveling.
    + Add ability for staff to dynamically manage Invasion Portal durability.
    + Update house combat eject rules.

    + Fixed issue with weapon skill mods.
    + Modified Rare Dugneon Boss loot, they will now drop a gauranteed SOT.
    + Modified SOT to not drop with AOS skills.
    + Modified Scrolls of Alacrity to not drop with AOS skills.
    + Lowered the LootPack of Rare Dungeon Bosses slightly to match T2A loot.
    + Paragons will now drop 50% more gold.
    + Paragons will now have a chance to drop Slayer Plans based on the creature's fame.
    + Automatically de-stack non-stackable items with an amount greater than 1.
    + Added PwnedFlag to PvP Bloody Teeth Vendor.
    + Modified BOD Rewards For T2A.
    + Implemented BOD Tickets rewards for BOD in place of AOS related BOD rewards.
    + Removed some specific Post T2A Donation Rewards.
    + Modified some specific rewards from BODs.