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    Publish 3.6 Patch Notes

    + Fight Club points award fine tuning.
    + Added mechanics for attacking items directly.
    + Aspect Boss abilities will now damage vehicles and their attachments (Boats, Ships, etc)
    + Enable Collection Titles.
    + More than one guard can now attack a target at the same time.
    + Updated Crafting Interface with a cleaner look.
    + Added Craft previews for Boats and Ships.
    + Updated Anti Macro Puzzle to allow a temporary harvesting boost.
    + Added message buffering for Discord Bot.
    + Dungeon and Town Capture alerts now have a dedicate Discord pipeline.
    + Updated Dungeon Portal artwork in preparation for client patch.
    + Added sound track definition for CoT: Britain.
    + Added GeoLocation service for displaying your location proudly (and optionally).
    + Destructible item damage and repair store improvements.
    + Added appropriate item combat null assignments.
    + Prevent Anti-Macro Puzzle UI from popping when digging treasure maps, chopping house add-ons, etc.
    + Corpses and dead players on board a vehicle will no longer contribute to the total weight of the cargo.
    + Update [MyStats UI to ensure old instances are properly recycled or disposed.
    + PayPal IPN Handling updates.
    + Disable proxy settings for outgoing Http requests from the WebAPI service.
    + Invasion loot drops are now give to the top damagers instead of just the killer.
    + Added mechanic for toggling disabling casting of spell fields near teleporters.
    + Fixed serial issues with Player Backup/Restore service.
    + Updates for CoT:Britain to make field generation crystal attackable.
    + Update UltimaSDK support for 64-bit tile flags.
    + Added Invasions list endpoint to Shard API.
    + Support for new animations and artwork.
    + Added Ethereal Eastern Dragon.
    + Added new Halloween decorations and Carvable Pumpkins.
    + Added Halloween Special donation reward pack.
    + Halloween items will now have colored names.
    + Guild UI updates.
    + Announce world first Achievements in Discord.
    + Slow down aura attacks for Aspect child spawns.
    + Ensure Item name color persistence.
    + Fix Donation Exchange UI category sorting.
    + CoT:Britain field mechanic updates.
    + Add destructible object damage and repair effects.
    + Dual artwork support for Dungeon Portals.
    + Reduce CoT:Britain lockout from 36 to 24 hours.
    + Add new custom house design fixtures; Ladders and Light Sources.
    + Add new custom house design tiles: Lavafalls.
    + Changed the name of a few internal addon deeds.
    + Player Pages will now get sent up through Discord so we can provide better support, quicker.
    + Halloween core update to sync with main event.
    + Implemented new craft item class attributes for forcing certain properties on crafted items.
    + Prevent Ethereal Mount transparent hue overriding.
    + Add Epaulette item definition.
    + Add support for up to 5 stages of destruction for destructible items.
    + Added "I wish to place a teleporter" speech trigger for classic houses.
    + Optimized Roanoke abilities, removed corpse devouring and bomb throwing.
    + Added a chance for Roanoke to drop a Halloween Blind Bag with a guaranteed decorative item inside.
    + Renamed Server "Rebirth" Rare ItemValue.
    + Modified Ethy Boura to use animated mount body.
    + Added Ethy Palomino to donation store.
    + Mind Blast now correctly deals damage.
    + Added 4 new premium colored ethys in the donation store.
    + Update server launch gifts.
    + Update damage to artwork translation mapping for destructible items.
    + Paragons attacked by Guards no longer drop excess loot.
    + Halloween and Winterfest spawns are now ignored by Guards.
    + Add Gold Pool that is shared between all defenders after an invasion is halted.
    + Add Portal mechanics to Invasions where invaders will appear; destroying a portal yields bonus score.
    + Update Fight club points farming prevention with entirely new logic.
    + Effects for destructible items that are destroyed by direct damage.
    + Invaders will no longer spawn inside buildings during Invasions.
    + Direct help pages to a private Discord channels.
    + Allow RecipeScrolls to be constructed blank.
    + Anti-Macro module error handling update.
    + Add small Koi Pond add-on.

    + Remove Durability from Ornament Of The Magician.
    + Increase base luck factor for randomly generated Aspect Boss loot.
    + Updated computed Luck chance for loot generation to take the highest damager's luck rather than an average of all damagers.

    + Modified Treasure Map Chests and SOS Chest loot to be scaled via the new Loot Algorithm instead of the Random of all 6 potential outcomes.
    + Modified T2A lootpacks
    + Lowered dragon magery.
    + Modified monsters skills/lootpacks to be appropriate for t2a.
    + Rezzing will now delete all Death Robes in your pack that you are not wering.
    + Increased cost of higher end classic housing significantly.
    + Removed housing deeds to be purchased from Architect.
    + House Placement Tool will now be purchaseable through the Architect NPC.
    + Lowered the cost of Monser Essence Absorber Craft.
    + Pets Paralyzed and tamed will now gain 14% stat los..
    + Disabled the use of Peacemaking in targets of a Safe Zone or while in a safe zone.
    + Normalized the Peacemaking maxcap values, which should in turn normalize the difficulty of T2A peacemaking.
    + Increased the reuse delay for Provocation from 1 second to 1.2 seconds.
    + Support for Primeval Achievement for T2A launch.
    + All Slayer Absorbers will have a lowered amt of required kills based on the slayer difficulty.
    + Modified the Instanced Dungeons loot levels for T2A.
    + Modified the Lockout Timer of Instanced Dungeons for T2A (now 18H, 2D, and 3D respectively)
    + Added special loot items for the Volaic Vendor in ToE for T2A.
    + Removed a extra SuperBoss loot addition that was causing ToE loot amounts to be significantly higher than intended.
    + Modified the way TransmogItems are handled internally.
    + Transmog Dragon Items will no longer appear on T2A, they are saved for ToE instance on T2A.
    + Added a few new Lanterns and Lamps to the game (some will be purchaseable on TOE in T2A.
    + Trial of elements loot/vendor updates.
    + Added GM Toggle for skillgain messages.
    + Fixed Magery Spell Range Damage (was previously too high for the min range, resulting in constant high damage - This was happening with Ebolt, Lightning, Flamestrike, and Explosion).