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    + Modified T2A lootpacks
    + Lowered dragon magery.
    + Modified monsters skills/lootpacks to be appropriate for t2a.
    + Rezzing will now delete all Death Robes in your pack that you are not wering.
    + Increased cost of higher end classic housing significantly.
    + Removed housing deeds to be purchased from Architect.
    + House Placement Tool will now be purchaseable through the Architect NPC.
    + Lowered the cost of Monser Essence Absorber Craft.
    + Pets Paralyzed and tamed will now gain 14% stat los..
    + Disabled the use of Peacemaking in targets of a Safe Zone or while in a safe zone.
    + Normalized the Peacemaking maxcap values, which should in turn normalize the difficulty of T2A peacemaking.
    + Increased the reuse delay for Provocation from 1 second to 1.2 seconds.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.