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    + Fight Club points award fine tuning.
    + Added mechanics for attacking items directly.
    + Aspect Boss abilities will now damage vehicles and their attachments (Boats, Ships, etc)
    + Enable Collection Titles.
    + More than one guard can now attack a target at the same time.
    + Updated Crafting Interface with a cleaner look.
    + Added Craft previews for Boats and Ships.
    + Updated Anti Macro Puzzle to allow a temporary harvesting boost.
    + Added message buffering for Discord Bot.
    + Dungeon and Town Capture alerts now have a dedicate Discord pipeline.
    + Updated Dungeon Portal artwork in preparation for client patch.
    + Added sound track definition for CoT: Britain.
    + Added GeoLocation service for displaying your location proudly (and optionally).
    + Remove Durability from Ornament Of The Magician.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.