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    Publish 3.5 Patch Notes


    + General housekeeping and optimizations.
    + Fix issues with vendor stock and buy menu.
    + Sewers Of Britain magical barrier at boss locations will no longer do damage.
    + Fixed persistence of some settings in Instanced Maps.
    + Add Achievements and Titles for new donation claims.
    + Added Ornate Crown of the Harrower improved recipe (Harrower Recipe).
    + Caverns of Time spawn definitions and decoration tweaks.
    + All Aspect Bosses have guaranteed loot drop based on difficulty levels.
    + Stitchers Mittens will now correctly be Human equippable.
    + Enabled many Post-AOS carpentry crafting items.
    + Added Ingot Transmutation functionality (will require recipes).
    + Fixed issue with TOE not stockng loot.
    + Updated Gateway status cache to clear on each network request.
    + Using Bola successfully will now prevent the ability to cast Teleport for 5 seconds.
    + Infectious strike can now be used by non-humans creatures that do not yield a weapon.
    + Added RTS style formations mechanics to AI algorithms.
    + Improved AI movement path-finding over longer distances.
    + Pets will now allow their owners to train abilities base on their level.
    + Improved Animal Lore interface with extended information and a page for training level abilities.
    + Added an Animal Lore context menu entry to all supported creatures.
    + Added Display Case house add-ons to Carpentry craft interface.
    + Implemented a new anti AFK checking system.
    + Fixed Lower Tithing Cost consumption.
    + All Aspect bosses guarantee at least one generated loot item based on their difficulty level.
    + Loot Crates will now be delivered to the bank box to prevent overweighting.
    + Fixed issues with House Cellar including the return of all items within it.
    + Lowered the weight of Pet Experience items to 0.001 ST each (50,000 XP ==50 ST).
    + Automatically spawn Invasion gates.
    + Automatically disable guards in an Invasion region.
    + Fight Club can now hand out Blood Coins to the winners at the end of each season. Amount equal to 1/3rd of total points.
    + Instanced Dungeon spawn will now include normal loot packs.
    + Instanced Dungeon spawn will now award Guild XP.
    + Dead players and creatures can no longer pass through the Infernal Barrier in Caverns of Time: Britain.
    + Prevent multiple Invasion gate/portal stacking on same location.
    + Pet level abilities use chance is now scaled by level and is approximately half of the pet's total Power Boost value.
    + Revised HCI/DCI caps that weren't being obeyed in PvP.
    + Lower Tithing Cost will now properly reduce the tithing cost of Paladin spell casts.
    + Fixed potential internal item leaks when delivering Champion Loot.
    + Fixed an issue with Dungeon and Town capture Discord Alerts.
    + Allow full spell fields to be placed on uneven terrain.
    + Fixed an issue with items now falling to the ground when a house falls.
    + Added a 10 minute grace period preventing anyone but the land owner from placing a house after their house falls or is demolished.
    + Replaced [MyStats UI with a more feature-rich and accurate UI.
    + Added [TheirStats command to allow viewing other character info sheets.
    + Added colored blood mechanic for all creatures.
    + Improved performance of event hooks for Town Houses.
    + Added new and more secure [Password update interface.
    + Guild allies can now heal each-other.
    + Added Silver Increase, Town Capture Speed, Dungeon Capture Speed, Follower XP Increase Perks.
    + Removed Lower Tithing Cost.
    + Lower Reagent Cost will now affect Tithing based on a percentage instead of How Necro/Magery is calculated.
    + Added Academic Bookcase to Carpentry Craft.
    + Added ability to display Multis (Houses, Addons) in gumps.
    + Fixed damage issue for Wither spell.
    + Improved Anti-Macro algorithm for blocking concurrent harvest attempts.
    + Added Guild Tab to [MyStats UI
    + Updated bonus value of Melee/Spell Damage Increase/Decrease guild Perks from 10% to 25% at max Guild Level.
    + Implemented House Foundation Style Definitions.
    + Updated Donation Support for more payment/transaction types.
    + Invasion Rewards will automatically be given out after the Invasion (no need to page)
    + Invasion Portals will automatically spawn now (no longer GM placed)


    + Anti-AFK mining system mini-game will now be added into the game.
    + Show blessed on Runebooks/Spellbooks.
    + Added new Slayer Crafting system and implemented in game.
    + Slayer Plans will now drop off Champ Spawn raffle tickets.
    + Added Champ Spawn raffle tickets to Champ Spawns (4) and Harrowers (8)
    + Added Ingot Transmutation into the game.
    + Added Ingot Transmutation Recipes to Harrower Loot.
    + Added the ability for Tinkers to craft Monster Essence Absorbers which will come with a random slayer.
    + Monster Essence Absorber added into the game as a Talisman equippable by players. Once equipped, monsters killed that are required will fill up the absorber. Double click filled to apply to a weapon.
    + Pets will no longer bond from feeding them, instead, they will automatically bond at Level 5.
    + Pets will gain 5x the amount of experience than the AOS values.
    + Removed ability to boost pet bonding time with Animal Lore.
    + Compensate for removal of Bonding Time.
    + Added Gearscore formulas for all weapons/clothing/armor.
    + Buff/Debuff Bar will now be activated.
    + Weapon Speeds will now become configurable in game, we can (like with dice damage) adjust them on the fly without bringing the server down.
    + Monster Essence Absorbers (Item that turns monster kills into apply the slayer to a weapon) will spawn with a random required 200-300 monsters to be killed for each slayer type before being able to apply the slayer to a weapon.
    + Monster Essence Absorbers will now be blessed.
    + Rare Dungeon Mobs will give level 6 maps and Paragon ones will produce a level 7 map in the chest.
    + All Champ Bosses tmaps have been changed to level 7.
    + Monsters will now have a less chance to drop Vanq and Power weapons, as well as Exceedingly and Supremely and Forified/Indestructable. They were driving way too frequently with the default settings. This will make the higher end creatures much more lucrative to farm because their intensity lows are much higher and thus their range of intensity is much closer to higher end than other mobs.
    + Added the ability for Average and Rich (2nd and 3rd tier - out of 6) to always drop a magic item (they weren't before).
    + Modified the Loot Algorithm for Treasure Chests. Previously, all chests gave out loot as a random 0-Level of chest). This meant that there was a 1-4 chance that a level 4 chest spawned an item that was up to Power. We went away from that and added a better scaled system that allows the possibility to get Vanqs and Powers from chest levels 4 and 5, but the randomness is similar to that of looting monsters. Level 5 chest will be a little better chances than a Balron, but they are more rare.
    + Added ID Wands back into chest levels 3, 4, and 5. Each chest level has a higher chance of dropping an ID Wand.
    + Crossbows and Heavy Crossbows have had their Base Speed increased. It was previously WAY too slow.
    + Dragons no longer auto Dispel.
    + Lowered Glacial Staff Drop Rate (Much Rarer)
    + Magery Skill Required Normalized.
    + Vanqs spawn rate lowered even more.
    + Ethereal Hell Steed Added.
    + Modified Sell Values for magic items.
    + Added House Foundation style definitions.
    + Added extensible functions for rendering and measuring Addons and Multis.
    + Added display of Addons to craft item preview UI.
    + MyStats UI Tweaks.
    + Updated bonus Melee/Spell damage Perks.