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    Publish 3.4 Patch Notes:

    + Added dynamically change-able speedhack protection.
    + Reduced Update Ranges to decrease ping latency.
    + Removed redundant vendor restock override on world load.
    + Added ability to define missions objectives for winning a PvP Battle.
    + Added single-elimination PvP Tournament Battle scenario.
    + PvP Battle statistics and points will now be transferred a the end of the battle.
    + Add support for players to create and edit a personal icon.
    + Refined Instanced Dungeon spawning.
    + Add time duration support for mobile attribute mods.
    + Optimized Dungeon and Town alert messages for Discord Chat.
    + Added rankings list for active/online players to Achievements UI.
    + Added ability to click and view information for individual Achievement rewards to Achievement UI.
    + Update guild mount ride check to be more specific.
    + Ship Cannons fired by NPC crews will attribute their damage to any player crew on-board.
    + Added ability to recover excess experience from max level pets.
    + Added Follower XP Increase attribute support for sharing XP with groups of pets.
    + Player vendors no longer require daily upkeep and will take a commission fee on each transaction.
    + Fixed an issue where targeting an object with a pet kill order would make the pet attack its master.
    + Fixed an issue with reds being flagged as criminal when blues order pets to attack them in town.
    + Tournament message updates.
    + Added follower experience to donation exchange.
    + Added Tournament Results UI popup on battle end.
    + Fixed an issue with Aspect Bosses not spawning and crashing the shard randomly.
    + Achievement UI Tweaks

    + Added Magical Weight to Glad's collar, Madesi's Ring, Stormgrips.
    + Lieutenant Sash is now no durability, blessed, and ItemValue is now Mythical.
    + Increased LootPacks on Dinosaurs.
    + Magical Residue changed to 0 weight.
    + Added new secret Achievement and Title.

    + World has been completely spawned and deco has been copied from AOS to T2A.
    + All T2A entrances have been disabled.
    + All Post T2A Quest givers have been disabled.
    + World has been respawned in order to remove any left over items from the AOS > T2A world transition that would come up from lingering chests and monster loot.
    + Lag issues have been slightly optimized. Will work toward continuing to bring down any lingering lag issues.
    + Removed the AOS Prizes from Rare Dungeon Bosses.
    + Removed Powerscrolls from treasure chests.
    + Lowered the amount of gold received from treasure chests.
    + TMaps will now only spawn up to level 7.
    + Lowered the skillgain rate slightly across all skills.
    + Lowered the 250% boost to all skills when under 70 skilland changed to 50.
    + Removed the ability to obtain Cloth/Wood/Ore/Ingots/Leather from vendors.
    + Removed Dragon Armor from appearing on BS craft menu.
    + Removed Bola Ball and Faction Traps from appearing on Tink craft menu.
    + Lowered spell recast timer to .35s
    + Spells will rubberband much less now, removing the buffering of specific messages.
    + Fixed Armor/Shield mitigation when attacking a player/creature with physical attacks.
    + Lowered mini heal amount from 1 per 10 skill + 1-5 random, to 1 per 10 skill and 0-2 random.
    + Masterscrolls (T2A 7-8th circle Spell Scribing System) has been fully optimized and added in game.
    + Energy Bolt, Explosion, and Resurrection scrolls can be purchased from a scribe at a higher price.