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    Publish 3.3 Patch Notes

    Advanced Taxidermy

    + Players can purchase an advanced taxidermy tool at the same location as the normal tool. It's price is increased. New Taxidermy Trophys are now available to be crafted. They require new ingredients that need to be acquired before hand, including Alligator Scales, Boars Tusk, Dino Scales, Eagle Feather, Saurosaurus Feather, and Walrus Tusk.

    Ancient Crucible (Improving Artifacts)
    + A mythical forge has been found from the depths of Doom Dungeon and has been moved to Britain. Legend says that it has the ability to rip the magic essence from artifacts and turn them to dust, to be used to improve other artifacts.
    + Champion Spawn bosses will now have a 10% chance to drop Improved Artifact Recipe Deeds.
    + Blood Token PvP Vendor has added the Improved Staff Of The Magi recipe to its inventory (150 Blood Coins).

    Loot Chest (Donation Item)
    + Loot Chest will now appear in the Donation Store. This chest costs 1000 Shards, always drops 2 deco pieces, and has a chance to drop the following rewards: (Lucky Coin, (4) Random 4-5 Prop - 80-100 Intensity Items, Rainbow Tile 10 Pack, Garden Tile 10 Pack, Heritage Token, Soulstone Fragment, Transmog Dust, Skill Codex (1 GM Skill), Rare Spell Hue Scrolls (Donation Hues), Melisande's Hair Dyes (Donation Hues),
    Melisande's Beard Dyes (Donation Hues), Any of the following Shrouds (Flameweave, Frostweave, Noxweave, Shadowweave, Steelweave, Voidweave, AnJux, FlamSanct, GravSanct, HurSanct, NoxSanct, VasMani), Forged Metal Of Artifacts, Power Scroll Book (50), Seed Box, Pet Bond Deed, Ethys (Horse, Ostard, Llama, Frenzy Ostard, Ridgeback, Kirin, Unicorn, Swamp Dragon, Beetle, Polar Bear, Hiryu, Boura, Hell Hound, Tiger, Canine Windrunner), and Cellar Deed. Rarity decreases for higher end items, but you are always guaranteed 2 deco items and at least one other item from this list.

    New Monsters/Pets
    + We have added the following monsters into the code and after this patch, into the game: (Allosaurus, Anchisaur, Archaeosaurus, Dimetrosaur, Gallusaurus, Najasaurus, Saurosaurus)
    + Tigers have been added to the code and after this patch, into the game. They are the same followers as Cu Sidhe, also have bleed, and have a higher base dex pool making them useful as an alternate pet.

    + Mannequins have been added to the game. Players can purchase these and set suits on them, allowing you to quickly change suits in a flash.
    + PvP Bosses will now drop 20 Blood Tokens to those with looting rights.

    Combat Related
    + Composite Bows have had their base speed increased from 27 to 28.