Publish 3.2 - Patch Notes

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    Publish 3.2 - Patch Notes

    + Protectors of Champion Spawn powerscrolls, Champ powerscrolls, and Harrower stat scrolls MUST be within the same region as the player who obtained the scrolls and in the same region as the (Harrower, Champion Altar, or Spawn Region).
    + Fixed logic issue with Approach NPC Achievements.
    + Fixed typo in PlayerBackup staff command usage message.
    + Add ability to test locations for house placement regardless of houses occupying space.
    + Instances and Dungeons code optimizations.
    + Remove region check for validating invaders in Invasions.
    + Added various Vita-Nex:Core updates.
    + Added a fix for house items to check min height.
    + Donation IPN target endpoint update.
    + Fixed an issue with Advanced Vendor restocking prevention support.
    + Fixes for Instanced maps logout, login, and persistance.
    + Fixed an issue that caused a user to disconnect when using an invalid gump response.
    + Travel Validations code improvements.
    + Evil Shield Of Chaos will now correctly be SC -0. (It is currently in game, but because I modified them on the vendor), just needing to apply the fix in the code.
    + Cloth Hats will now become enhanceable and craftable with different cloth material bonuses. Linen cloth will offer 9 Physical Resist and 40 Luck and Wool will now offer 2 Physical, 2 Fire, 4 Cold, 3 Poison, and 3 Energy Resist.
    + Added Ethereal Windrunner to the game and Donation Store.
    + Added Palomino to the game.
    + Added various decorations from the most recent UO patches.
    + Power Scrolls will ow drop to a player's corpse if they are dead.
    + The various stat buff treats from events will no longer stack with potions of similar effect.
    + Shadow Wisps will no longer block movement.
    + Fixed an issue with Wraith Form movement blocking.
    + All ghost type creatures (Spectre, Wraith, Lich, etc) will no longer block movement.
    + Fix an issue that prevented Explosion Potions from affecting enemy targets.
    + Pirate Raid Instanced Dungeon optimisation updates.
    + Pirate Raid Instanced Dungeon now has a one hour lock-out period.
    + Updated Referral UI.
    + Updated Raffle Ticket Purchase UI.
    + Issue with Garden Sheds has been fixed and have undergone optimizations.
    + All Paragons will now be tagged with the [Paragon] Title.
    + Veterinary NPCs will now rez pets and heal them too when dead.
    + Added new consumable tokens for Composite Bow of Slaughter and Bladed Staff of Slaughter.
    + Added new Weapon Bladed Staff of Slaughter.
    + Champions will now award the guild a bonus 1000 guild gold when defeating them, making them the only farmable way to obtain gold.
    + Ethereal Ancient Hell Hound lowered to 7500 Shards.
    + Ethereal Tiger lowered to 7500 Shards.
    + Ethereal Turanchula lowered to 7000 Shards.
    + Ethereal Boura lowered to 6000 Shards.
    + Ethereal Windrunner added at 7500 Shards.
    + Rikktor, Neira, and Barracoon have been added to their respective slayers lists. Slayers will now work on them.
    + Saves have been increased from 15 minutes per to 1 hour per. (We still have the CrashGuard save protection anyway)
    + Added Ancient Samurai Helm to game. Will be a Blood Token purchaseable item. Changed the Gearscore Value to Epic.
    + Fixed an issue that caused Mobs not to spawn from level 8 and higher treasure chests.
    + Increased max stable slots by 3 if you have 120 Vet, Taming, and Lore.
    + Removed the inability to equip Veteran Clothing if you do not have the required veteran gametime.
    + Players will no longer be blocked from recalling in Britain if there is someone standing in their spot.
    + Players will now be able to hold a Spell and cast SpiritSpeak at the same time and retain their original spell.
    + Increased the chance to obtain Smith Large and Small Bods with all other resources and lowered the chance with Iron and Dull Copper.
    + Decreased the cost of bribing Small and Large Blacksmith BODs.
    + All participants in specific event mobs that spawn the 5 runic charges will also be rewarded 10 blood coins directly into their bank. (You must have damage rights on the monster).
    + Buccaneer's Den will now correctly become a Perma-Grey area.
    + Broodmother's Piercer artifact has been changed. 15 HCI has been removed in favor of 40 HML and 100 Luck has been increased to 200 Luck. This should effectively make it the best Repond Slayer Bow in the game, as originally intended.
    + Added support for latest body values to shrink table.
    + Updated New Player Guild join feature and interfaces.
    + Add Shards currency support for Town Houses.
    + Fix a serial conflict with Player Backup restoration.
    + Fix an issue where numbers in some items names were not properly cropped in interfaces.
    + Improved performance of string parsing in common tasks.
    + Add support for resolving the name of the circle for any given spell type or ID.
    + Update buy process for Advanced Vendors that trade for non-Gold currencies.
    + Fix typo with required players amount in PvP Battle overview interface.
    + Fix an issue that prevented the Spell Cast Bars interface from being sent.
    + Improve performance of extended object property list generation.
    + Add support for Guild members to toggle consensual PvP with other guild members.
    + Implement Guild Militia rankings and kill/death tracking.
    + Guild Militia global ranks are updated on world save.
    + Veterinarians will now charge 2,500 Gold to resurrect a dead pet.
    + Updated pet resurrection interface.
    + Fixed an issue with house add-ons that could cause a server crash.
    + Added the ability to obtain new relic deco items from Paragon kills.
    + Update Aquarium house add-on and fix an issue preventing rewards from being properly spawned.
    + Add support for converting between certain male and female equipment.
    + Add Item Gender Change Deed to Donation Exchange.
    + Fix an issue with pet order targeting that sometimes caused the pet to attack its owner.
    + Hide player titles and Guild info when in an incognito PvP Battle.
    + Improve performance of Vendor display caching.
    + Disallow field Spells from being used near a Dungeon entrance, exit, or internal gate.
    + Add support for selecting the color of gates when casting Gate Travel.
    + Add Spell Effects support to apply a color to entire Spell circles, or all Spells at once.
    + Add [Spells command alias for [SpellEffects.
    + Update equipment comparison interface.
    + Update Instanced Dungeons with more robust prevention against pets going missing.
    + Add more restrictive conditions for awarding Fight Club points.
    + Doubled the size of the Fight Club Duel region when using "I wish to duel [for fun]".
    + Remove Kryss as a Sword option when selecting a Loadout weapon.
    + Aspect Boss spawns have a slower attack interval and may now randomly teleport to an enemy of the Aspect.
    + Aspect Boss Void Spawns will no longer permanently paralyse their victims.
    + Update Shard API Guild endpoint output with militia statistics.
    + Add Shard WEB endpoint for generating object tool-tips.
    + Ship Building will no longer consume all resources on failure to craft a vessel.
    + Rewrite of Ultima SDK Unicode Font adapter.