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Discussion in 'AOS Discussion' started by Morg77, Jun 9, 2017.

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    I was just thinking, what about making a gear set for crafting? There are sets for fighing like the sewers set, how about one for crafting or gathering?
    It could be lighter weight as crafters need as much room in their packs as possible.
    Maybe give some kind of mining/lumber-jacking bonus, similar to how the mining gloves work. However, the minging gloves should remain superior to the set gloves.
    Full set adds up to 100 LRC, I know I have just enough Magery to craft Abbitors and recall to mining spots.
    Could add a bonus for skills with no powerscrolls, like Tinkering and/or Carpentry, have it work similar to how the mining gloves work (no powerscrolls needed). This would really only serve to increase odds of making exceptional items.
    And maybe a Strength bonus

    Also the set could be bigger than the fighting sets by making not only the primary items but add in aprons, sashes, cloaks and/or boots. This would make each piece less potent, but the full set would add up to be powerful, but not game breaking.
    However, gloves are a special case as there are the BOD mining gloves, so those should be superior to the set gloves. For the full set bonus, the BOD gloves should count towards the set same as the set gloves themselves, or gloves shouldn't be added in as part of the full set.

    Also, would it be possible to have Luck be a factor in crafting? Maybe increase chances to make exceptional items, of for greater item properties? This would be very handy when crafting things like Dragon armor, which at GM smithy has only 50% chance of being exceptional.
    If so, add Luck to the crafting set mentioned above.

    Obviously, the set shouldn't be gained by fighting as I assume that most mule characters, like mine, don't have any fighting skills, so maybe make it obtainable through crafting/gathering quests that can only be started at 100 mining AND 100 Lumberjacking, plus add a requirement that the char has to have those skills and levels to equip the items.
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