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    + Rare spawn dungeon bosses TMAPS increased to level 7 (paragon 8).
    + Fixed broken transmog female chest.
    + Added bandana transmog.
    + Militia members won't get statted from non militia.
    + Removed Hit Dispel from possible Hit list.
    + Cannot use protection with ethereal mount.
    + Composite Bow will now correctly have a max of 40 AI.
    + Necro mage Familiars should now not cast AOE spells correctly.
    + Ogre Lord and Arctic Ogre lord will now drop level 4 tmaps (5 paragon)
    + Lowered murder count decay to 24/6 (long/short)
    + Changed all Champ Spawns to drop potential level 8 tmaps, except Oaks which drops level 9, and Harrower which drops level 10.
    + Primeval Lich can drop level 9 tmap.
    + Fixed an issue with BODS not being able to be bribed (throw broken deeds in BOD book to fix).
    + Champ Spawns Powerscrolls will now be randomized on protection.
    + Powerscroll Book with 50 charges added to craft menu. You MUST have 100 Inscription to craft it, with a 100% success chance.
    + Lowered fragments from fishing by 1, 2, and 5 for level 2, 3, and 4 SOS.
    + Strangle will now properly tick up to 12 times on 120 SS.
    + Added extra OPL to PowerScroll Books.
    + Powerscrolls will now be randomized from Champ Bosses and Harrower.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.