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    Patch Notes - Publish 3.1
    + Lowered crafting amounts needed to Galleons.
    + Fixed an issue with studded transmog female chest not being able to be used. (Will require page in game for ones in game already)
    + Fixed an issue that caused some BOD's to not be able to be bribed. Those bods that aren't working can be reset by throwing them into a BOD Book and taking them back out again.
    + Murder counts will have been reduced to 24 hours per longterm and 6 horus per short, instead of 8 hours for a short and 40 for a long.
    + Sorcerers set will be removed from the potential list of items from the ToE Instanced Dungeon vendor. Because the sorcerers set will no longer spawn, any remaining ones purchased from the vendor that are currently in game will become rares and will no longer be obtainable.
    + ToE bosses are now scaled harder.
    + Added new items obtainable through Trial Of Elements Dungeon for gold. These items are: Basilisk Hide Breastplate - 2.25 Mil Pendant Of The Magi - 1.5 Mil Stitchers Mittens - 750k Robe Of Eclipse and Robe of Equinox - 225k Crown Of Arcane Temperament - 2 Mil Fey Leggings - 2.5 Mil (Etoile and Novo Bleue changed to 1 Mil each)
    + Crafted weapons and weapons from monsters will no longer spawn a hit dispel. That means, only the 4 hit spells can potentially spawn now. Previously all hit spells were grouped with hit dispel as well.
    + Fixed an issue that caused militia members to get statted by not militia members.
    + Added Bandana to the possible Transmogrification Item list.
    + All power and stat scrolls will now give out random scrolls from protection instead of copies.
    + Powerscroll Books will now be craftable. They will, however, only have 50 capacity on them and will require 10 legendary powerscrolls of any kind. The donation Powerscroll Book will remain to be 500 capacity.
    + Fixed an issue that made mounting a ethereal not interruptable when using protection.(edited)
    + Increased the maximum potential of Strangle to 12 ticks.
    + Lowerered SOS Fishing Treasure Fragments to 3, 5, 8, and 15 (scaling up from their respective levels)
    + Increased Ogre Lord and Arctic Ogre Lord treasure map potential to 4 (up from 3).
    + Increased Rare Dungeon Mob treasure map potential to 7 (up from 6) - 8 will be obtained from paragon versions potentially.
    + Increased all Champion Bosses treasure map potential to level 8, besides Lord Oaks which as level 9 potential. Harrower has the ability to grant level 10 treasure maps.
    + Increased the chances of getting an artifact from Champ Spawns for total of 15% unique, 15% shared, 10% deco. + We have NOT fixed the issue where artifacts could appear on Champ corpses. We do not want to prevent them from dropping at all. So remember to check the corpses for now until we get a fix in for it.