Publish 3.0a - Hotfix(4)

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    Patch Notes - Publish 3.0a (4)
    + Attacking someone will put you in a combat heat delay from enterring a house for 2 minutes. You must remain out of combat for 2 minutes in order to enter a house again after initiating combat.
    + Due to an overwhelming amount of people using archery for PvP, we have come to notice that the template itself is a bit overpowered. In order to keep the template's usefulness up, we will be lowering the AI damage cap to 40 (down from 45). Keep in mind that early in the server's lifespan, we changed Composite Bow speeds to be 32 (originally 25) speed in order for it to be possible with a maximum suit to obtain 1.5s swing speeds in order to keep it a competitive template. It was either revert the swing speed back, or lower the AI damage output. We feel lowering the AI damage output would be less of a nerf to the template itself than going back to normal swing speed.
    + Allow roof tiles to be used in house customization.
    + You can no longer learn skills from a character that shares your account.
    + Double check to ensure creatures don't become paragon when they shouldn't.
    + Added Lava Burst ability for all Aspect bosses that inherit Earth and Fire aspects.
    + Added Swap ability for all aspects that inherit Time, Illusion and chaos aspects.
    + Lowered the stats of Aspect boss summons (Voids, Leaches, etc) by a significant amount.
    + All Aspect boss abilities will now properly damage enemies.
    + Normalized the elemental damages of all Aspect bosses.
    + In an effort to normalize resource gathering, we will be increasing the weight of Ore. It has gone unnoticed a bit too long, but there was an error in the code basically overriding the weight of all ore and setting it to 1. Compared to Lumberjacking, this is wrong. We will now be setting it back to its "default" value of 8, 4, and 2 for their respective ItemIds, but we will be lowering those weight values to 4, 2, and 2.
    + Board weight has been increased from .2 per board to .5 per board (should originally be 1 per board). Logs wil remain the same weight.
    + Shard API PvP Battle output updates.
    + Fix incorrect guild notification messages for town and dungeon capturing.
    + Trap Pouch name fix.
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