Publish 3.0a - Hotfix(3)

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    Publish 3.0a - Hotix(3) Patch Notes
    + Additional Referral options for account age limiting.
    + Houses now have defined "slot counts" which all default to 1.
    + Militia Guards will only spawn when the Town Arena platform is assaulted.
    + Added ability to temporarily deactivate dungeon and town arena platforms.
    + Fixed an issue with Resource Access Section of the House UI.
    + Fixed an issue causing attackers to turn their targets into Militia.
    + Added Easter Holiday global event.
    + Holiday candy buffs will no longer stack with other holiday candies.
    + Animal Taming achievement no longer counts already tamed creatures.
    + Added Achievement support for curing creatures and players.
    + Fixed an issue with Achievement Rewards displaying incorrect amounts.
    + Fixed an issue with Aspect special abilities would cause no damage to innocent mobiles.
    + Added 7 new daily guild quests (kill quests)
    + Players can now repair Hunters Headress and Staff Of Power.