Publish 3.0a - Hotfix(2)

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    Publish 3.0a - Hotfix Patch Notes
    +Fixed Core RNG crash issue.
    + Fixed Beneficial Actions for Militia pet and same guild healing.
    + Guard mounts will now die with the guard.
    + Combined Donation Exchange Deco and Decorations category into "Decorations".
    + Protection and Reactive Armor will now retain through death.
    + Added extra stairs to beginning of Sewers of Britain instanced Dungeon.
    + Fix referral code usage incorrectly stating that you own the referring account.
    + Use the pooled lists to increase UI efficiency and optimize performance.
    + Updated notoriety so that murderers are always red if they are not orange.
    + Guards poison immunity dropped to regular poison.
    + Guards are no longer immune to bleed effects.
    + Fixed inconsistencies with pets in Instanced Dungeons.
    + Updated Donation Exchange to show when new rewards are added
    + Referral UI can now be minimized/maximized.
    + Pads of the Cu Sidhe and Sandals Of The Ice God will now display that they allow you to ride a Cu Sidhe.
    + Added toggle to enable monster to become PvP boss and distribute items.
    + Fixed an issue that caused guards to give too much pet XP.
    + Harrowers can disable and enable all spanwers in a dungeon where necessary (not just ones spawned on altar)