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    Publish 3.0a - Patch Notes

    Faction Rewrite Into Guild Militias + Town Capturing
    - Factions, Sigil Hunting, Silver, etc. will be removed from the game entirely.
    + Instead of Factions, players will be able to toggle their PvP Militia State in their Guild Menu. Doing so will turn you orange to all other Players who have also activated this in their Guild Menu. Allying with a Guild will allow you to form an alliance and keep you from being Orange to that Guild when toggling your PvP Militia State.
    + Fighting opposing Militia Enabled Guild Members will grant you with Silver, similar to how it was with Factions. However, in this newer version, the silver will be more regulated and the bulk of silver will be rewarded for Capturing Cities.
    + Silver can be spent on a good amount of different things, including Guild Militia mounts, traps, vendors, items, aesthetics, deco, + more.
    + Once a town is captured, it will stay in a 24 hour lockdown state where no other Guild can fight to control it.. Control lasts for up to 7 days until it is reset again or until another Guild captures the town (after its first 24 hours of protection).
    + Once a town is captured and is being attacked, Guards will no longer instant kill Militia members when attempting to attack the city and claim it. Instead, they will serve as a line of defense and help attack the attackers.
    + If you are NOT in Militia and you attempt to claim the city, or heal a player who is in the Militia, you will automatically be entered into a temporarily Militia State.
    + Capturing a city will reward the Guild with 1% of all profits from city vendors to the Guild Treasury.
    + Britain will NOT be able to be claimed weekly. However, we may do some sort of Monthly Battle to claim Britain.

    New Feature - Player Referrals + Rewards
    + Added Referrals System into the game.
    + Each player will have their own Referral Profile that will track the progress of their referrals, including progress bars on the players they referred's progress with gametime and GM skills along with their referral code.
    + When the referred player reaches the gametime and GM skill check, the referee will automatically be rewarded in their profile and they can cash out whenever they wish.
    + Players who have been referred will receive 200 Luck, 50% Increased Skillgain, and 25% Increased Gold From Monsters for the duration of their referral until they've reached 1 week gametime or 7 GM skills, or until a fail-safe has been reached.
    + Players can enter their paypal and when they wish to claim cash, it will be reviewed by a GM and passed through upon review completion.

    New Content - Vesper Museum Collection
    + Vesper Museum Collection makes its way back into the game with overhauled items! We have also changed the turn in items to be a currency sink (Gold, Shards, Event Tokens, Blood Coins).

    + Safe areas will now have an option to toggle "Shoving" On/Off.
    + Increased rate of obtaining Minor Artifacts from Paragons by 150%.
    + Level 3, 4, and 5 Dungeon Chests will have their gold increased, and their chances of dropping Powerscrolls increased slightly as well.
    + Animated Dead necromage AI will not cast Vengeful Spirit or Poison Strike as those AoE spells or Summon may trigger a guardwhack in towns.
    + Buccaneer's Den will now be a Perma Grey area. You will be able to attack ANYONE there freely. Enter at your own risk!
    + Donation item "Schissors" will now act as a skinning knife. You can carve the corpse without them in your hand, and they will automatically cut the hides into leader and put them in your backpack.
    + Added new Random algorithm, should be better at determining randomization than the previous.
    + Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Items will now be sold for higher prices at vendors.
    + Chargeable Trap Pouch will now automatically update its charges when magic trapped.
    + Modified Lady Melissande loot to potentially drop Tango Half Apron. (Lady Melissande NOT in game yet)
    + Moved stealable artifacts from the Gauntlet (closed) into normal doom area.
    + Artifact chests obtained from events will now spawn movable.
    + Blood tokens can now be stacked with other coins while in your bank or backpack.
    + Added direction locking persistence for all creatures.
    + Added a check to see if a shrunken pet can be controlled by the owner before release it.
    + Vet Reward clothing will now have a new Item Value displaying "Veteran Item" + Added "Veteran Item" as a possible Item Value now.
    + Fixed an issue that caused some seeds to not be stackable on Server Load.
    + Added results logging for Raffles.
    + Added Dynamic Ability Modding for all Aspect Bosses.
    + Fixed an issue with boats and cargo weight.
    + PvP Battles waiting for a certain capacity to join will extend the preparation time until the battle is full.
    + PvP Battles will now tag you as a deserter if you leave during the running phase, this will prevent you from joining another battle for a length of time.
    + Updates for personal spawners and spawn movement controls.
    + Vessel attachments will no longer count towards cargo weight.
    + Give the dinghy attachment more chances to deploy successfully.

    + Summoned creatures (EV, Blade, Elementals, Daemons) will all be correctly red as they are supposed to be. (Healing them will flag you as intended.)
    + Enemy of one will now be able to re-cast (as long as you have it on) without additional mana cost to change targets.
    + Fixed a bug that made Lich Form, Horrific Beast, and Wraith form buff icons not disappear.
    + Increased the range of Tracking from (10 + Skill / 10) to (10 + Skill/5)

    + Multiple Guild Quests have had their requirements lowered. All Daily Guild Quests have had their rewards increased.
    + Fixed various grammatical errors in the Guild Quests.

    Instanced Dungeons
    + When defeating a boss in Pirate Raid, it will now tell you how many are left.
    + Fixed a bug with the Sewers Mage/Warrior Sets allow interchangeable resists.
    + Added stairs in various places in Sewers Of Britain to prevent monster loot from being unobtainable.
    + Lowered the hit points of Sewer Thing to 3000 and Sycophant to 3500 in Sewers Instanced Dungeon.
    + Added in 10% Lrc as a 5 set piece for the Sewers Mage set and 20% DI as a 5 set piece for Sewers Warrior Sets.

    Champion Spawns
    + Higher end champion spawns will now have a greater chance of dropping level 20 and 15 powerscrolls.
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