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    Publish 2.3 Patch Notes

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    Saturday 3/11 - Saturday 3/18!

    + Raptors will now be obtainable in game. They will be spawned in Ilshenar and T2A.
    + Cu Sidhes will have their damage increased (including those already in game).
    + Cold Steed, Poison Steed, and Energy Steed has been added to the game to compliment the already included Fire Steed. They are the same damage/stats but their elemental damage types equal the type of steed they are. In additional, all of these elemental steeds will have 3 hues associated with them, a normal, rare, and very rare.
    + Updated the process used to release pets.
    + Fixed an issue where shrink pot.

    Fight Club and PvP
    + Fight Club points have increased at the end of each season from 500 to 5000 points for the top 3 players.
    + Added 2 new additional "Duel" arenas. They can be found in Britain docks. There is a 1v1 and 2v2 arena.
    + A New CTF arena has been added that requires 2 teams instead of 4. This will be activated soon after patch goes live.

    Invasions and Updates
    + Redesigned the Invasions system we had before so that staff have more Utility when it comes to creating invasions.
    + Redesigned the Score UI to show much more information, and a better leaderboard system.
    + Invasion corpses will no longer flag players.
    + Invasion items will now automatically spawn items in players packs instead of in Corpses.

    Quality of Life Improvements
    + Removed Auto Renew Insurance toggle to prevent players from accidently untoggling. (You can still toggle it in the Insurance Menu).
    + Added additional effects to Concussion Blow (Black Out Effect).
    + Tweaks for notification message formatting.
    + Shards in the Shardlist that are Test Center will now correctly display that they are.
    + Fixed an issue that prevented secure levels from being set on some vehicle attachments.
    + Young, Guildless players will now receive an invite to the [New] Guild upon each login.
    + Removed excess white-space from Mobile and Item Names when displayed in external sources like Discord.
    + Fixed an issue with inconsistent secure vendor access on public vehicles.
    + Revised context menu options for vehicle workers.
    + Redirected the [help command to open the [MyCommands UI for consistency.
    + Raffles will now display the previous winner even when inactive.
    + When a Harrower spawns in a dungeon, all the Spawners in that dungeon will be temporarily turned off until the Harrower is killed.
    + Added Champ Spawn Artifact failsafe logs to check whether or not the artifact dropped and what randomization it encountered.
    + Temporary Boss Event Items have been renamed to Boss Event Items. (They are NOT temporary!)
    + Base Boats (Not Galleons) now only require Tinkering and Carpentry and require much less resources and no special resources like Resin, etc.
    + All Resin requirements for crafting have been reduced by " / 10 " to craft ships or ship parts.
    + Event Item Artifacts will now be able to be Tokuno Dyed.
    + All New Characters will now start off with 1000 gold instead of 100.

    Treasure Maps and Treasure Hunting
    + Treasure Maps will now be labeled up to level 10 and will now show the level of the Tmap in the OPL.
    + Increased the amount of Fragments that higher level (8-10) Tmaps drop.

    Sewers Of Britain
    + Sewers Of Britain Bosses Damage has been reduced.
    + Sewers Of Britain now has a new set of set armor for mages and warrior. This set armor is meant to bridge the gap between medium and high farming. There is a small chance to drop off the trash mobs and every boss will drop at least one piece from the 2 sets.
    + Sewers Of Britain Bosses now drop SuperBoss quality loot.

    Primeval Lich In Doom
    + The Primeval Lich in Doom will now only drop up to 3 artifacts to 3 different people. You will now be able to get a duplicate normal artifact (1 player cant get 2 doom artys). You can still however get a Unique and a normal artifact. If there is less than 3 players, then there will only be enough drops for the amount of players there.

    + Minor Artifacts will now drop off of Paragons once again and the vendor in game for turn ins will have been removed.

    + Consecrate Weapon will now behave similar to how OSI has it and the damage bonus for having higher skill WILL apply.
    + The duration of Consecrate Weapon will now scale based off Karma, up to 11 seconds.
    + The buff for Consecrate Weapon will now display in your buff bar, along with the Damage Bonus and Proc chance of the bonus damage.
    + Enemy Of One will now correctly go up to 228 seconds duration based off the user's skill and karma.

    + The 7 Day BOD turn in restriction has been removed. You will now be able to turn in all BODs for a free turn in regardless of how long its been since you've obtained it. (You must still be the owner of that BOD in order to obtain the free one for turning it in)
    + The age of BODs has been removed from the OPL.

    + All lootpacks have been given a bonus, and higher end lootpacks will guaranteed drop 4-5 property items.
    + All champ spawns had their Unique Artifact drop % increased by 5%.

    New Mount Colors



    Future Updates:

    Soon we will be launching a referral program for those who are streaming our server. Details of this program will come soon, but each person will have their own unique referral code that you can use to give to people to claim when they join the server. We will have failsafes in order to prevent exploitation and these players must play for at least one week. The reffered players will receive bonuses to help them get a headstart into the game.

    You as the referrer will be rewarded with RL $ or Shards, whichever you prefer. You will automatically be updated whenever a player has reached the goal for referral and you will be able to pull the Shards or $ out at any time (for $, staff must be paged)

    For anyone who would like to consider streaming and participating in this program, this is just an early notice that we are working on the referral system, so freshen up your streaming rooms, setups, etc!

    Again, more details about this will be released when as we progress through development!

    Guild Fortresses will also begin full development along with the Faction System wipe and re-write, tying a "Faction" like System into the Guild System! More details will be revealed soon!