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    + General house-keeping.
    + Make [Dump only accessible to staff.
    + The Everlasting Pitcher of Water is no longer ever-filling.
    + Updated [Roll [GRoll and [PRoll command input and output.
    + Add new Player Vendor Directory and allow players to Promote their Vendors.
    + Allow any Young player to request [New] Guild membership.
    + All Jewels will have their durability set to 0 (this will not delete them).
    + Normalize Self Repair and Durability loss for all items.
    + Guards will no longer instant-kill and can be attacked.
    + Add support for Guild Town capture.
    + Always use AOS rules for houses, even in pre-AOS eras.
    + New Artifact Loot chance algorithm for Champions.
    + Remove extended prize display from the Raffle Stones.
    + Add new "Commissioned" item rank.

    + Removed all trace of factions.
    + Converted Faction Traps to Guild Traps.
    + Converted Faction War Horse to Guild War Horse.
    + Converted Faction Vendors to Guild Vendors.
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